Grandma vs. The homeschooled child

Watching my 72-year-old mother and my 6-year-old Waldorf home schooled child attempt to write a letter using Word is nothing short of hilarious.  I’ve got the impatient technophobe (my mom) with the creative free-thinker.  My mom is yelling to me as I’m trying to make dinner “Jennifer, I don’t understand, how are we supposed to use this thing.”  I say “mom, don’t worry, Isaiah knows what he’s doing.” My mom is telling him he doesn’t need to spend so much time choosing fonts and colors, what and underline it??!!  Why does it matter if there’s an underline pattern?  It needs to be a color too?!  Come on Isaiah, just make a decision!  OK are we ready now?!
They are trying to write a letter to the police department.  My mom doesn’t really approve of homeschooling, especially Waldorf, because he is six and still doesn’t read.  So now she is trying to force a learning moment.  She corrects his grammar as he dictates his sentences, and then decides he should do the typing.  Of course he is impatient with her trying to force him to learn to spell, no worries though, because his happy-go-lucky side kicks in and he just keeps typing whatever he wants. Basically your average monkey typing Shakespeare gibberish.  My mom says, well that’s not a real letter, no one will want to read that, and he of course doesn’t care.  Cause now it’s fun again.  Before mom can start to get too intense I jump in and suggest they finish the letter after dinner.  The peace has been preserved and dinner is served!

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