Helping your child with special needs feel safe

Look folks, having a child, and especially a child with any special need, is going to be the most challenging thing you will ever do.  Hopefully it will also be the most rewarding.  The thing is, part of that challenge is constantly being your child’s advocate.  If you don’t advocate for your child, who will?  You need to be on top of everything.  I know it’s hard, I know we’re so busy with all the things life brings, but this is not a choice!  Think how scary life is for a child who could start having breathing problems at anytime.  Or a child who is afraid to eat things because he has had allergic reactions before and he doesn’t know for sure if the food is safe.

The Dragon!

Making your child feel safe is no one’s job but yours.  Do you think that your doctor actually has enough time to worry about every little thing your child is involved in?  Do you think he knows what questions to ask you if you haven’t been paying close enough attention to notice the symptoms?  What about your child’s teachers?  Should they be the ones to make sure your child is eating safely, or carrying his inhaler or epi-pens?  And how safe do you think your child will feel if no one is supporting him in this scary world.
The only person who can make your child feel safe is you.  Maybe you’re shy, and it’s hard for you to speak up.  Well now you have to get over it.  Someone’s life is in your hands.  Maybe you’re busy, you have lots going on, lots of kids to worry about.  Well  now it’s time to find the tools you need to help organize your life.  Your child’s life depends on it.
I know this sounds harsh, but I’ve been there.  We have changed our lifestyle and our priorities to insure that our child is living safe and feeling safe.
I don’t think that you can quell your child’s anxiety 100% but don’t you think they will feel so much better if they know you will always be there and you have paved the way for them to have a safe experience wherever they go?

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