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Poppy Doesn’t Drink Juice, and Other Famous Euphemisms

Once upon a time there was this kid. His name was Isaiah. Everybody thought he was really funny; everyone thought he should be in comedy or on stage. Isaiah did not want that. Isaiah does not want anything other people want him to want. Isaiah’s mommy has learned that the hard way, so she does

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If My Life Were An Eighties Expose’

Thank you, thank you for joining us at Break the Parenting Mold, where Mom is a lot like Sybil, Dad is a lot like Ward Cleaver and the boy? Well the boy, he just can’t be pinned down….  This week we have explored the fact that “Mom”, also known as “Mama”, “Wife” “Mommy Dunkit” and

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Grandma vs. The homeschooled child

Watching my 72-year-old mother and my 6-year-old Waldorf home schooled child attempt to write a letter using Word is nothing short of hilarious.  I’ve got the impatient technophobe (my mom) with the creative free-thinker.  My mom is yelling to me as I’m trying to make dinner “Jennifer, I don’t understand, how are we supposed to

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