If Isaiah Had a Million Dollars

Isaiah's Millions graphic

One of my least favorite games that my sister and I play is “What Would We Do if We Won The Lottery?”

We always buy lottery tickets as a team, especially when we are miles away from our home. (We are convinced based on the median income in our specific set of suburbs that the lottery commission has made it impossible for anyone in our neighborhood to win.)

As soon as we are in the car, tickets in hand, my sister says, “OK, what’s the first thing we’re going to do when we win?”

To which, I respond, “I don’t want to play this game.”

“Well for sure we won’t tell the husbands.” She says undaunted by my lack of participation. (Now don’t be surprised by that statement, (and Don, I know you’re reading this – just move a long, nothing to see here) we just want to have a game plan BEFORE we tell the husbands.)

“Dude, I am not playing this game.” I say half-heartedly because I know she’s going to keep on playing without me.

I don’t like to play the “What if” game because to me it feels a little like coveting, and when I start to feel like maybe I am coveting I realize that we are one step away from greed. I tell myself, I would give lots of money to charity, but inside I still feel a little off. So I choose not to play. Also, I don’t want to get my hopes up because we always lose.

But that didn’t keep me from asking Isaiah what he would do if he had a million dollars.

Isaiah's Millions“Hey Buddy, what would you do with a Million Dollars?”

“That’s easy. I’d buy a Rolls Royce.”

2013-10-12 09.19.50He picked this one out when we went to The Mecum Auto Show. He was so mad that we didn’t buy it when he realized it went for only $16,000. I tried to explain to him that it would also cost $16,000 for an oil change.

“Ok, what else would you do with a Million Dollars?”

“I would probably have A Mansion, you know – have someone build me one. And I’d have gates, gates, lots of gates, around the house and a big one in the front with a lock on it so no one can get in.

And I’d have a big dining table, lots of food, maybe some parties.

Two Chandeliers,

a whole bunch of cool stuff.”


So, that’s what Isaiah would do with a Million Dollars. I asked him if I could come live in the mansion with him. He said, “Well, you could be the maid, or the nanny or something.”
Gee, thanks.


And this has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. The sentence was “If I Had A Million Dollars I…”


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19 thoughts on “If Isaiah Had a Million Dollars

  1. Isaiah’s smile seriously gets me every time and the rolls royce I think seriously is the best I have heard so far tonight and you can so tell hi that from me!! But seriously loved what Isaiah would do with his millions and truly think he came up with the perfect plan!! 🙂

  2. a) I stole your links from the bottom and put them on my mine because I’m lazy. Thanks. b) I freakin’ love Isaiah! He is so funny! c) (I didn’t realize there was going to be a c but I just thought of it.) I need to hear more about your intense fear of coveting. Just saying. Could be a good post.

  3. DUDE GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA! We used the same song! Now I’m really scared. 😉 Great minds…

    I’m sure that your son would have ALL kinds of cool stuff! I would come play in his mansion. As a matter of fact, I’d probably just buy the mansion next door.

  4. one of the things that my sons now parrot back to me is “I’m the mommy, not the maid” because every time they leave their stuff in places it does not belong, I pick it up in a huff and run around saying it…with them behind me repeating it.

    I love your son’s name and his ambitions. Rolls Royce for sure Isaiah but buy your mom a new iPod of a closet of shoes for her instead….always be good to the mom. 😉

    If I win a million dollars lunch is on me !

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if a million dollars could get all that Isaiah spoke of?! When I saw the sentence for this week, I thought it was interesting that it wasn’t 5 or 10 million. I couldn’t even put my 3 kids through private school with $1 million dollars! But, the Rolls Royce does seem like it’s right at your finger tips…;)

  6. “You could be the maid or the nanny or something?” HAHA. That kid. He’s so hilarious and adorable and just plain awesome. I can’t believe he likes Rolls Royce cars and that he was mad that you didn’t buy one (and that it only cost $16,000). Happy Friday my lovely friend! xo

  7. It is always fun to hear how kids would spend the money since they really don’t have a concept of how much things cost. I once told mine we didn’t have enough money for something and she said “Well, just go to one of those machines and get some!” Oh, if only it was that easy! 🙂

  8. My son has a bunch of car photos on his iPod touch – cars he would like that cost a fortune. And he’s 12. What is it with boys and cars? He’ll be driving my mom car and he will like it. Since I won’t be hitting the jackpot any time soon, can I have whichever position you don’t take in the mansion? Nanny or maid – either one is fine with me.

  9. Ha! Snorting! I love his answers. And also, because I’ve met you, I can totally hear you saying, “Dude, I am not playing this game.” And yeah… the whole coveting/greed thing gets me. When my daughter starts getting greedy at Target, I confess that even adults are greedy sometimes, too. Sucks.

  10. oh he kills me every time.
    If I asked my son, he’d say “Legos”…but then he’d have to buy my feet some sort of foot protectors (not shoes because they’ll eff up my floors…ok they could be slippers…but fancy ones that massage my feet)

  11. You know, I’ve never wanted to play that game either, it makes me feel uneasy and I’m pretty sure it’s for the same reasons you’ve mentioned. And now I’d like to copy Deb’s comment but not because I’m (that) lazy just because I agree with every word 🙂

  12. Can I just tell you how much I love your take on this! Just brilliant to have your kid answer the question. OF COURSE, he’s going to say the most awesome things! This is the best FTSF! Love it!

    • Thank you Rachel! It was so much easier than coming up with my own answer. Well, not easier, he didn’t want to answer but I forced it out of him!

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