Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday 12

I would be a big fat liar if I said this week’s mix wasn’t completely affected by the fact that I am on vacation. I would also be a liar if I didn’t admit that when I am on vacation I leave my life behind me. It has been a stretch to do anything other than relax and read this past week. I am still in the throes of my two-week escape from reality; however, the one thing that isn’t far-fetched is my music choice. The thing you can count on with me is – if I want to chill – I’m listening to the 70’s. Being born in 1970; I had the amazing good fortune to be indoctrinated with a full decade of this generation of music. I have mentioned before how a large portion of the music in my iTunes is Brazilian in nature, well an even larger proportion of the music is from the 1970’s. There is so much that I had to organize my 70’s lists into two-year increments to make them manageable, but as an example 1974-1976 is 17.6 hours long. That sounds about right.

This was clearly going to be a tough one for me. And as the Music Director here at Twisted Mix Tape, I decided we were gonna give each decade two chances to shine. Just remember this; it is any time in the 1970’s you have full knowledge of all music up until this point, but have no idea what is to come, you can include any music up through December 1979.

Now I could do a whole year of mix tapes on the seventies, I definitely can’t narrow a best of down to 10 songs! So, instead I will play it like this. I’m making a mix for my very best bud, here’s some music to give you something to relax to, something to make you smile…Let’s Groove Tonight

Baker Street – Jerry Rafferty You are about to peek into my soul. This song is my favorite song of all time. ALL TIME. It’s not Steely Dan, Grateful Dead, Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is this song. This song is so beautiful, so… I don’t know…it’s melancholy without going over the edge. It has the feel of a promise, a wish that will be fulfilled. It’s like this song contains a secret smile. And the bridge? Well… I spoke to Linda at ModMomBeyondIndieDom about doing a “great musical bridge” list. I think I’ll save that for an All Skate, because I know not everyone listens to music for things like that. But if you want to know why you like this song too, I can bet that is why.  The sax, the flute, the drums..then that screaming guitar. Put on some headphones and give yourself a treat.


That’s the Way of the World – Earth Wind and Fire I’m pretty sure I could put an Earth Wind and Fire song on every single playlist. Ever. I saw them live two years ago, and they were just as freakin hot as they were in the 70’s. So – you know – if you’re a youngin or something, it’s not too late for you to REALLY groove. Because there is no possible way to groove without Earth Wind and Fire. NONE. This is a slow jam, a relaxing jam, it hits the sweet spot. Play on my friends.


Reminiscing – Little River Band This band has a pretty interesting history. I’m not in the mood for that right now, so visit Wiki for some info-mation.  I will say that I am constantly amazed by the lack of accents musicians have while singing. These guys are as Australian as they get. I admit that before I was a music know-it-all, I was sure these guys were from some small town in the US. Meanwhile, there isn’t one song of their’s that I don’t like. Yup – I am a regular Lite FM- what can I say? When I wanna chillax, I do it with the 70’s lite music.


You Are The Woman – Firefall Let’s face it, I don’t love you. My heart does not care what you are doing. But this song – well it belongs on this list. It’s sweet, and makes you want to sing and hang out and relax and all the good stuff you want to feel right now. No bad stuff. Nope, not happening. 


Feels So Good – Chuck Mangione I really don’t need to say anything else. The song describes itself. AND Chuck Mangione, well he is a truly, truly gifted musician. Click here to check out more about him. And can I just say – This Song Epitomizes the Seventies for me.


OK folks. Now I want to hear what you’ve got! The rules of Twisted Mix Tape are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix; based on this week’s theme. Create your own post and link it up, or put your mix in the comments. If you’re going to link-up there must be a song in your post. Share this all over the place, the more the merrier. Go visit my buddy and mostly Co-Host Kristi at Finding Ninee. (You’ll get a funny story, some silly drawrings and a song) Mostly just have fun, there’ s no pressure here.

New exciting feature… I am creating playlists on YouTube for all of the Mix Tapes we have made, so keep your eye on my blog, twitter and your inbox folks, because this is awesome. I know because I’m already done with 1960′s vol. 1. Stay-tuned!

And because you know you need to relax to this list, click these links to go to iTunes:
Baker Street – City to City
That’s the Way of the World – Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits
Reminiscing – Little River Band: Greatest Hits
You Are the Woman – Firefall: Greatest Hits
Feels So Good – Feels So Good


47 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday 12

  1. I feel funny saying this, but I don’t really know any these songs. Not sure if I was living in a hole in the 70’s (might not help that I was born in 1977), but still I really don’t know any of them. And for the life of me, I am blanking on many songs of the 70s. But do know the one song I play over and over in my iTunes, is Albert Hammond’s, “It Never Rains in California”. That one I could truly listen to over and over!!

    • Janine I love that song! I sing it to the boy all of the time. As you think of more, tweet them or post more!

  2. oh my god – these songs…huge memories. Driving with my brother through the metro parks of cleveland on a fall day in his vintage nova listening to gerry rafferty’s baker street, little river band…reminiscing…my cousin’s wedding. firefall…ice skating lessons. great list.

    • Linda – I want to do the Bridge thing, but I am afeared not too many people will play along with that one…. Maybe I’ll do a week where you have 4 choices or something…

    • Thanks Slu! It’s just as much fun for me. It’s like a party every week, but I don’t have to go anywhere or be social!

  3. I love how you pick such particular songs. This is such a great series.

    Anyway, here are my first five:

    Melissa — The Allman Brothers Band (1972)
    Shine on You Crazy Diamond — Pink Floyd (1975)
    Terrapin Station — Grateful Dead (1977)
    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant — Billy Joel (1977)
    Solsbury Hill — Peter Gabriel (1977)

    • Once again Deb – It’s like you live in my brain. Terrapin Station is my very favorite Dead studio album. All the rest, right there in my top 100. Thanks for playing!

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  5. Oh boy! I have been waiting for this decade to come around. I had to narrow down the list to only these 10, which is still a crazy long list. And this doesn’t even include anything by Queen, Chicago, Simon & Garfunkle, The Police, or Billy Joel which are all on my list of favorite artists.

    Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce
    Danny’s Song – Loggins & Messina
    Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
    Take a Chance on Me – Abba
    Dust in the Wind – Kansas
    Beth – Kiss
    Iron Man – Black Sabbath
    Babe – Styx
    Hold the Line – Toto
    Hey You – Pink Floyd
    Let it Be – The Beatles
    Dream On – Aerosmith

    • Kari ~ You are such a rule breaker! You need to get your act together and create a post so all your loyal followers can bask in your brilliance!

  6. I missed you guys so much last week! Don’t ever let me skip again – unless I missing a limb or something. Also – those songs were all new to me! That’s the first time that has happened since I’ve been doing these. Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

  7. When I saw Baker Street, I was so excited to find out what your favorite song of all time was. I was completely convinced that I didn’t know it because the name didn’t sound familiar and then when it started playing, I had to get up and woot! woot! because I LOVE that song and had forgotten all about it! Thanks so much for reminding me it exists and you’re right – it does have a secret smile.
    MWAH! TTTx10.
    Hope it’s okay that I only did one song!

    • Kristi ~ Everything you do is OK in my book! Your post is highlarious as always and it has silly drawrings! What more could I want?

    • Hey Kat ~ There is just so much awesomeness from the 70’s so many people just throw it away as “classic radio” but all you have to do is listen. Am I right?

  8. Hope your vacation is WONDERFUL and you SHOULD be leaving us jerks behind! Enjoy!

    Again, this week is hard as I wasn’t born (sorry!)

    #1 (by far) Hotel California- Eagles. This is my twin brother’s fav song (still) and it will forever remind me of him.

    #2 Let’s Get it on- Marvin Gaye. Duh, cause it reminds me of South Park.

    #3 Maybe I’m Amazed- Paul McCartney (that one is for my Mom)

    #4 Rocket Man- Elton John, I love me some EJ and this song rules in a piano bar

    #5 Dust in the Wind- Kansas. My BF swears Im going to sing this to him at his funeral. Lots wrong with that but whatever.

    • Erica I love you for playing along with us old farts. Especially because you do it so well. For the South Park you coulda thrown in some Isaac Hayes too 🙂 Love this list. Maybe I’m amazed is such a belt your heart out song, isn’t it?

  9. sorry I missed you guys last week!

    Jen your list is awesome! I’m have green and blue shag carpet flash backs.

    My list teaser:

    Paul, Jessi, Donna, Sonny, Elton!

    • LM your list was awesome! Thank you so much for coming back this week! Power to the freakshow 70’s lovers!

  10. I had forgotten about some of these! Thank you so much for taking me down memory lane! I now thankfully have “Reminiscing” in my head! Happy day!

  11. I have REALLY got to play along with this, as I am still making mixed tapes (in CD format) for friends and family. And oddly enough, the Metal mix I made for my son (“for Ian: Metal Haze,” complimenting my previously produced “for me: Metal Daze”), had Buffalo native’s Chuck M’s “Feel So Good” as the intro track!

  12. Dammit. I didn’t get to this one. However, please know that I was making my umpteenth trek north this week, I thought of you and the Mix Tape and wondered if Elton John is part of the 70’s which I think he is and how awesome a blog love letter I would write to him.

  13. As usual, your musical knowledge is only surpassed by your ability to translate it into words. I had never heard of Baker Street, but your description made me hop right on over to listen to it. And of course, you were right.
    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  14. Oh man, I LOVE Baker Street. But, Reminiscing is my favorite of all time on my 486 songs list. I’m finally linking up this week. Working on my list now. I’m excited!!!

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