100 Word Song – Once

Indian summer in the south is something to be feared, she flew out of the hotel and the heat slammed into her. Instantly regretting her decision to bring a jacket, she mentally fumbled knowing she needed no extra baggage.

Shake it off.

Her feet hit the sweltering pavement with a determination that worked its way up. So far, she had one friend in Louisiana and that was Beaufort. Making her way back to the old drugstore she started to work out a plan.

Deep breath as she turned the doorknob.

Hope that the calm in his eyes would cool her soul.


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

I’ve been writing a disjointed story/treatment for a novel/short story – in the form of responses to the perfect and fantabulous prompt – 100 word song – hosted by my most crazy musical brother in arms Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The only rule? Your post must be 100 words. You think it’s easy, huh? I dare you to try it. 100. Not 93. Actually, I don’t dare you – I invite you.

We have been following the story of CiCi; after being summoned to New Orleans by an attorney, she discovers that she has an Aunt Lu she never knew, and this aunt has left her all of her worldly possessions. As she follows the trail of lovingly worn old photos, perfectly preserved letters and a sweet old man named Beaufort, she discovers that Lu is actually her mother and her grandfather wished she never existed. It sounds like a soap opera, I know. But it really is so much more. For part one read here. And for our last installment, read here.

This week’s 100 word song was inspired by the song Once from Pearl Jam.

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