Twisted MixTape Tuesday #9

Number 9 Number 9, paging Number 9….

This week’s topic is Song’s We Love to Jam/Sing Our Hearts Out to in Our Cars. There is no shame, share with us what you will. For this list we are operating under the assumption that there are no listening devices implanted in your vehicle. You have the windows down, and you are singing to your hearts content. Maybe you are magically playing Air Drums and steering at the same time. It’s all good. We won’t be calling Johnny Law on you – just you, the stereo and the open road.

The rules of the road are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix; based on this week’s theme. Create your own post and link it up, or put your mix in the comments. If you’re going to link-up there must be a song in your post. Mostly just have fun, there’ s no pressure here. Trust me, when you see my list….. you’ll know how high-brow my music tastes really are!

My list is more the Sing Your Heart Out list. The truth is I love to sing. I come from a family that loves to sing. My Grandmother (my mom’s mom) was an Opera Singer. My father used to sing opera every day (for fun). He sang other stuff too. Not my Grandma, she only sang opera. To sing opera, you really have to sing from your heart (and your diaphragm). We (my sister and I) grew up doing both and if there was a harmony, we sang it until we nailed it. FYI; I don’t only sing – I also project: So you, dude who is 5 car lengths ahead of me, if you don’t feel like hearing me belt out Freedom ’90, I suggest you roll your windows up and crank some Motorhead. 

Next week I’m gonna start a MixTape Mini-Series in honor of the fact that I’m going to Hilton Head, South Carolina. What? You didn’t know? Hmm…
We’re gonna start the summer off easy breezy.  Get out your Calendar, this is how it’s going to go. “If you were going to make a mix for a friend in the SIXTIES what would it contain? This is NOT a best of. This is If You Were You, in the Sixties, and You Were Making A Mix Tape For A Friend (on any topic) What Would It Be? Please feel free to incorporate music prior to the sixties if your heart so desires. It’s Dealer’s Choice my friends – only the Dealer lives in Late December 1969.” Oh yeah, and your Calendar? You guessed it, for June we are taking a trip through the decades…
But for now:

If You Were Driving Down The Road on a Window’s Down Kind of Day, And You Happened Upon A Sweet Car With the License Plate LTL WING – This is What You’d Hear

If it’s dark, the temperature is upwards of 78 degrees, you’ll catch me belting this sucker out. Turn it up!

This was the first album I purchased with my own money. You might say it was my first favorite album without any outside influence. I used to sit next to the record player listening and staring at the album cover. I loved all of the songs, but if I want to belt something out in the car, this is it.

This was a tough choice, do I pick the rockin’ song or do I pick the song with the totally pleasing chord progression? Wait…I still haven’t decided, I’m going to listen one more time. (time elapsing) OK I picked the one with the rockin-ness and the awesome bridge. For the runner-up click here and listen to Caught up in You by 38 Special.

I think I have James Taylor to thank for this album coming my way. I’ll link to it at the bottom, it’s called Livin’ Lovin’ Losin’ – The Songs of The Louvin Brothers. It’s not the first time a song from that album has hit my list, and it won’t be the last. But when this song comes on I turn it up, and sing my heart out!

It’s 1991, my sister and I are driving my old Subaru Justy (the Trusty Justy) from Chicago to Flagstaff Arizona. A trip we made 6 times if you count each way. This particular time we had purchased one of those new fangled adapters that you put in your cassette deck and then attach to your Discman. I had just bought the album Woodface and as we tried to make “Tucamcari Tonight” (that’s what the sign says when you are heading into Tucamcari, New Mexico) the batteries were dying. We were driving with the windows down, the dry heat of the high desert pouring in and my sister is squeezing the Discman hoping to eek what little battery out of it we can so we can listen to this song on repeat – one – more – time.

This is a “bonus” song. I almost left it out. I’m going to admit the dirty truth now. Two of my top 100 albums are WHAM! U.K. and George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice. Say what you will about the man, but as a worshipper of voices, I LOVE that voice. Caveat: I could not bring myself to use the hyper-sexualized music video for this song. I love the voice – the man…he need’s to listen to the words of this song.

This list could easily be twice as long. I think a lot of our lists could use a sequel. Have no fear, I foresee lots of Part Deux’s in our future! Now if you feel the need to own any of these songs click here to go to iTunes:

Seven Bridges Road (Live) – Eagles Live
Stone In Love – Escape
Hold On Loosely – Anthology
Cash On the Barrelhead – Livin’, Lovin’, Losin’ – Songs of the Louvin Brothers
Freedom! ’90 – Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1

And here’s the link to the album I think no one can live without, it’s all duets James Taylor and Alison Kraus, Merle Haggard and Carl Jackson, Johnny Cash and Pam Tillis, and so many more Livin’, Lovin’, Losin’ – Songs of the Louvin Brothers – Various Artists

Please thank my friend Sarah over at The Sadder But Wiser Girl, she asked if I would do this topic, right as I had the idea to do this topic. So check her out because she’s psychic and that’s cool.

Now Link her up!

38 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape Tuesday #9

    • Sarah! I wanted to make my list 10, but thought I should stick to my rules! I can be patient, and get that husband of yours on board!

  1. Oh I have so many I love to listen to and sing along to on a good car ride. I am huge Billy Joel, Beatles and Stones fan. So probably something from any of them would work for me, but then again I also love so more contemporary artists, such as Lady Gaga and Pink (don’t laugh). My husband doesn’t get how I can go from classics to that, but that is just me!! 🙂

    • Janine! I can’t wait until you really play along! And I won’t laugh! Thanks to Just Dance 4, the 7yo is singing Pink these days! Oh my days of straight 70’s and 80’s are numbered!

  2. I remember buying the Escape album secondhand at Record and Tape Traders because Open Arms was on there. My high school boyfriend and I decided that was “our song.” Excited to be linking up with you today, Jen!

    • Dana~
      Yes Open Arms….that and Faithfully two Journey songs that often made the “Our Song” list. Although Faithfully, probably not the best choice 🙂

  3. I have got to do this. I know I said this when I last visited, but man – this is a fun post.

    Although I am kind of worried – that my lack of taste in music would drive away the few people that actually visit my blog.


    I can totally jam to Kenny Loggins!

    • Lisa! Come on!!!! Actually Whenever I Call You Friend was slated for the list, but I had to stick to my rules, silly rules! COME PLAY!!!!

  4. There must be something in the air about driving music (maybe the time of year) because this turned out to be my topic for Perfect Moment Monday yesterday. You would not believe how often I have perfect moments while driving in my car with a good song.

    Or maybe you would 😉

    Yes on Eagles and Crowded House! I’d road trip with ya.

  5. YES! I love rocking out in the car. I’ve been thinking about my 5 favorites all week, and though I was not organized enough to write a post about it, here are our favorite car songs right now: Bear in mind, my six year old (and toddler too) is part of the rocking-out while driving these days, so there are 5 songs we both like to jam to.

    1. Tongue Tied by Grouplove
    2. Titanium by David Guerra and Sia
    3. Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men
    4. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
    5. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

  6. No snark from me on George Michael. I saw him in concert, baby. He may be gay, and what a hottie. 🙂 Freedom is one of my favorites of his solo stuff. I actually thought about putting him on last week’s list. Nice topic this week. Thanks!

  7. Next week’s topic is excellent! Loved this topic too. It’s part of what it’s all about, ya know? Singing in the car. Journey – They are a stellar sing out loud choice and this one is a favorite. Who doesn’t love belting it out with Steve? Eagles – Love that song. Beautiful harmonies. If you and your sister sang harmony, I can see how you’d really appreciate this one. They are masters of harmony.

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  9. Thanks for visiting my list Jen and even more thanks for hosting this blog hop. I had such fun with it and I can’t wait for next’s month journey through the decades.

    You asked for my twitter, but I don’t have one anymore. The last one I had just collected dust and cobwebs.

    • The first song I ever learned on guitar was Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House. Is that a twist? hmmm. They actually had a whole YouTube video to learn Hold On Loosely on Guitar. No more guitar for me. Uke, maybe. Can’t imagine 38 special on ukelele!

  10. I’m a “Twisted” virgin! (Wow, did that come out wrong!) I’m pretending that I actually posted my list and linked up on Tuesday…and now that I have done so, I keep thinking of all these songs that I could’ve put on there! I completely neglected Journey, Billy Joel…Beatles!?! Looking forward to joining up again next week!

  11. Journey?
    Hellz yes.
    I nominate you for cool cat.
    That isn’t even a thing, but it sounded special.
    I can’t sing either but I do it anyways. That’s the only way to live. No?

  12. For me, anything girly and embarrassing. Or anything where I think I MIGHT be a better singer (warning: this doesn’t exist but I am delusional)

    Kelly Clarkson: Behind These Hazel Eyes (I beat on the steering wheel for the duh duh duh duh duh)
    Journey- Anything
    Miley Cyrus- The Climb (an example where I think I am better)
    Boyz II Men- I’ll Make Love to You

  13. I have a very clear idea of you driving in the car singing (projecting) these songs which are, of course, very appropriate choices. Jen, I feel with this prompt you have started a week full of car singing across the country. Did you hear me singing along earlier this week to Weezer? It was pretty loud.

    • Jean ~ I’m pretty sure that was you I heard the other day. Cause you know…not that many people I know jam to Wheezer. More people should though.

    • Thank you so much! It’s great to hear, random is just fine. I know I lurk some-places too, the shout out is awesome! You know if your cassette deck ain’t broken….there’s always room for one mor…

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