Seriously Sun, WHAT IS THE DEAL??

So you know the weather has been really sucky here, it’s just been one Tuesday snowstorm after another, I had my family in from out-of-town, I haven’t really done a lot of grocery shopping.

The kid had to eat, I asked him what vegetable he wanted with his chicken nuggets, and he said “Is Mike and Ikes (you’re welcome) a vegetable?” I said “Well kinda, but you know we have Annie’s Gummy Bunnies, those are maybe a little closer to a vegetable” so he said “Great” and poured both of them on his plate.  This was his lunch:



He was thirsty, so he asked me for some milk:


You know it’s just hard for me to even TRY when I can’t see the SUN! Hello??!!! Earth to Sun. Could you please do your duty and break through the clouds for just ONE DAY??  Now it’s raining, raining on top of the 10 inches of snow in my yard. It’s lovely, really. The best part is when I let my dogs out. It is so frickin’ disgusting out there that my new method is I let the dogs in one at a time grab them with a giant towel and throw them in their room with the space heater on to dry them. And YES they have their own room, it used to be my office, but now it is disgusting and smelly and muddy. So it is basically the repository for all of the paperwork and bills I want to pretend don’t exist, and I do all the really important stuff blogging, from the kitchen island. It’s gotten to the point where I even keep a pen cup on the island, really because I am addicted to pens, not because I need sharpies and bic mark-its and colored pencils at my immediate disposal.  Well I do, how else can I color coordinate everything?  You know what? Screw the perfectly clean kitchen counter, I can’t hack it. It’s such a fake job anyway. Basically it means at night I move my computer, notebooks, pen cup and pencil sharpener into my sh*t-hole of an office dog’s room, and then in the morning I move them all back in here. It’s an exercise in futility, and that’s the worst kind. Well no, exercise is the worst kind.  Which brings me back to my original point.

Maybe if the sun would grace us with his majestic presence I might actually get outside and walk.  As it stands now, my world is covered with ice, I’d probably break a hip or something.  And my Just scurvy cerealDance 4 is in the basement, but my knees hurt too much to make that trip once a day. Yeah, I’m banking on the sun coming out next week or something.  That’ll be fine.  Maybe then I will feel motivated to buy some actual vegetables.  How long does it take to get scurvy?  Can you get scurvy if everything you cook comes out of the freezer (or a candy box?).  I’m pretty sure there is vitamin C in Annie’s Gummy Bunnies, so I think we’re OK.





10 thoughts on “Seriously Sun, WHAT IS THE DEAL??

  1. I think you’ll be okay on the scurvy for a few more days. Just give him some juice and you’ll be covered for the whole month, really. By the way, I had scurvy in a recent post too! Great minds think alike 😀
    And stop moving the computer around. Just leave it on the kitchen counter. That’s my advice. We’re busy mamas. We have to save time wherever we can so we have time to email each other stuff about how much we love each other and stuff.

    • AMAZING NEWS!!! Not only were you not in my spam folder, I didn’t even have to approve your comment!!! Maybe my blog has forgiven you for your potty mouth. I don’t have any juice, but I do have lemons, so he can just suck some of those. OK no more moving the computer, promise. Now GET TO WORK!

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally get this frustration! During the winter months, we see the sun for only 4 hrs. And when we would have a cloudy day, I would stare up at the clouds just to imagine what it looked like up there. I hope you see the sun soon.

    • Are you in Alaska? My Father in law lives there, and my husband did for a while, I feel your pain. Last year I had a sun lamp, but when the bulb burned out, the price to replace it kept me from making the big decision. But it’s SPRING, well March. I’d like a little break 🙂

  3. visiting for the first time from Monday Mingle.

    OKAY. Let me just say that the picture of his dinner had me rolling. OH MY! It reminded me of those really special muffin tin Monday meals… only very different. For one… it’s not in a muffin tin. 😉 HAHAHA! Fabu!

  4. I’m a “feeding specialist” too. They all get fed and feel special, so I’m totally claiming that now. Also, I’m almost positive there’s a vitamin in those candy things- and wine is made from fruit, so for you- just drink wine. Problem solved. And I move my computer around too in an attempt to look like I actually use the fancy desk and don’t plop myself down on the couch for hours every day. I think you’re me. Only probably nicer, because I wouldn’t be cool enough to allow milk on a plate/saucer/non-cup.

    • If the sun were out I would have tried to stop the saucer. But the apathy of the extra long gray stretch has taken over, and my kid can basically do anything he wants right now. As a matter of fact he’s in the basement with his father watching God knows what eating chocolate cake. He should be asleep, but then I wouldn’t be here talking to you. So, win win.

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