Quick Tips and Allergy Resources

Some Quick Tips and Allergy Resources to help relieve symptoms fast!

-Get dust covers for all mattresses and pillows in your child’s room
-Remove any stuffed animals, excess pillows and fabric drapes from your child’s room unless you are willing to wash them in hot water every 10-14 days.
-Wash all bedding in hot water every 10-14 days.  If there is carpet, vacuum and damp dust as frequently BEFORE changing the bedding.  If hardwood damp dust then damp mop the floors.
– if you have pets, and you are sure your child is not allergic, do not allow the pets in your child’s room.  They only add to the dust mite issue.
-Upgrade your air filters in your house to Filtrete Advanced Allergen Filters and make sure to change them at least every 3 months
-Do not allow your child to wear outside clothes in his/her bed for nap or quiet time.  The outside is full of pollutants and pollens that can irritate a child with any of these issues.
-Get a fun nebulizer mask if your child needs nebulizer treatments.  Always make sure you have Albuterol in stock, so you never have to make a midnight run to a 24 hour pharmacy.
-For food allergies, clean out all cabinets of any allergen containing foods, including those with possible cross contamination.
-Get multiple epi-pens so both parents have their own set.  Find some sort of bag or fanny pack they always stay in to make grabbing them whenever you walk out of the house a no brainer.
-Educate everyone who is in contact with your child about food allergies, and the use of the epi-pens.


http://www.natlallergy.com Great allergy supplies at much better prices on allergy covers than bed bath and beyond
http://www.pollen.com Create your own personal pollen alerts!  They email you with the projected pollen counts daily!
http://www.aaaai.org This is the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology.  Their info is not as user-friendly, but there is a lot of information on this site.
www.stateoftheair.org This website tells you about the air quality in different cities.  This is so important for kids with Asthma!
www.foodallergy.org Join this organization if your child has food allergies.  Get alerts when items are mislabeled, get vital information and help with challenges like how to talk to your school and great recipes!  And so much more.  This is the national organization that is lobbying for the safety of your children!
www.mochallergies.org  Support group for parents of kids with allergies.
http://www.dundeerx.com If you live in the Chicago land area, Dundee Pharmacy in Northbrook has great kids nebulizer masks.  OR

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