Next Year I’m Going to Be on the Christmas Card


It has been three years since we have had a family picture on our Christmas card.

It’s cool, no one minds because the kid is quite amazing. But the reality is I can’t stand to see myself in a photograph.

Luckily you’re not one of my friends I’m having coffee with because I really don’t feel like hearing “Oh come on! You look fine!” Because I don’t. I am 40 pounds overweight and I’m not happy about it.

And yes, like millions of people I am vowing to lose weight this year.

At dinner the other night my girlfriend said “It seems like you’re always on a diet.” Well, that’s not very accurate. But truth be told I have been on plenty of diets: Suzanne Somers, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Low GI. The problem is none of these have been sustainable. I love food, and when I diet I start to hate food.

You know what’s great? I started this partnership with MinuteClinic a few months ago and because of that I found out about their new weight loss program.

This is actually pretty exciting because a nurse practitioner is with you every step of the way, from initial health assessment to ongoing customized coaching to help keep you on track. And I would say that one of the strongest contributing factors to me not being able to stick to a plan is going this alone.

Also, MinuteClinic’s Weight Loss program is offered in partnership with the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, ranked #1 overall by U.S. News & World Report 4 years in a row! Can’t beat that! So you actually get access to the exclusive online membership to DASH for Health portal (a $69 value), which provides ongoing tips, lists and recipes as a resource during your weight loss journey. I really love that idea because I am an online person, of course! So getting tips and recipes and support from the web will be amazing!

This couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s hard when your insides don’t match your outsides. And sadly, as you get older, your body doesn’t like having all that extra weight. Bad things happen.

Well I’m all done! I’m getting to it, join me! It’s a great program, I think you’ll like it too!!

Stay-tuned for a family Christmas photo in 12 months!


And to thank my friends at CVS you should know they also have these amazing programs:

In addition to its Weight Loss Program, MinuteClinic also offers Eyelash Lengthening Consultations, and comprehensive Smoking Cessation programs, complete with personalized assessment, plan and ongoing coaching. Details:

MinuteClinic Eyelash Lengthening Consultation

MinuteClinic Smoking Cessation Program

6 thoughts on “Next Year I’m Going to Be on the Christmas Card

  1. hey! Jen Kehl!! …just out making the rounds of the The Wakefield Doctrine blogroll…. to wish Happy New Year and such… you guys have the best of years for this next 12 month period!

    (for whatever reason I’ve been listening to the following a lot lately… not sure why, seeing how it’s a fairly faithful rendition, but Tesla’s version is the only one)

  2. I am so happy for you. I well understand that concept of when the outside doesn’t match the inside. As we age it’s amazing how the weight creeps on even though you’re doing and eating the same things. Best of luck with your new program! I’m pulling for you here on Canada’s west coast.

    • Thank you Kelly! I am sorry I didn’t see this comment…hmm… but now I have and I’m still keeping on keeping on! (or off for that matter!)

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