Ten Things of Thankful – The Remembering What’s Important Edition

2013-11-14 12.34.37

And just when you think you’ve gotten out, they suck you right back in again.

So here I am, for another short list of Thankfuls. Bet this one’ll surprise you.

I am thankful my blog (raised on the radio) got hacked. What you say? Are you crazy? Maybe. But the next 3 thankfuls will tell you why.

I am thankful for hackrepair.com, he seems like a big showy place, but he’s really one guy, who gives you his utmost attention and works until the deal is done. Also answering every piddly silly question you I can come up with. Not to mention he’s very reasonable.

I am thankful that by meeting him he also locked down this blog to prevent future hackers from tracking down this home and breaking in. (Nothing is hack proof, but this will make a big difference.)

I am thankful for the break I got from running the show over at Raised on the Radio, I needed time to think.

I am thankful that I have an amazing step-father who read my post Okay God, I’m Listening and reached out to me to say, why the heck didn’t you come to me? He is probably the most normal parental unit I own. And I forget that sometimes.

This week I am thankful for The Magic School Bus, Isaiah’s latest obsession, which has bought me some time to write.

night at the museum

I am thankful for some amazing bloggers who got me through a ridiculously tough two weeks, that I hope to never repeat. So go visit them if you want, because they deserve more than just my love.  I’m going to list them at the bottom or this is going to become obnoxious. (but they are going to count as more than one because there are so many of them)

I am NOT thankful my babysitter left me after reading my blog. But I AM thankful that I recognized my son’s moodiness today was a result of feeling her loss, and instead of freaking out at him (ok I did a little, I’m not perfect it took me a second to put 2 and 2 together) I hugged him and loved him and let him cry about silly things. And even paid to rent a movie on Amazon Prime for him to make him feel better.

And, if you read my blog you will know, that I am Thankful to God. Thankful that He shook me up a little this week. I needed to get my priorities straight. I am still working out what that means, but I have a fairly good idea.  You may have to read this twice. But it gets to the heart of the matter:
Proverbs 18:12-14

Before a downfall the heart is haughty,
but humility comes before honor.
To answer before listening
that is folly and shame.
The human spirit can endure in sickness,
but a crushed spirit who can bear?

As I said, I am listening now. I thought the things that happened to me last week could never happen, I think I also wanted to be famous – maybe a little? I forgot why I was doing this, God gave me time to remember. I am Thankful for that most of all.

Now go give a little love to the fabulous women who you all have to thank for me not giving up blogging forever.
Sarah – The Sadder But Wiser Girl
Sarah – Left Brain Buddha
Jean – Mamaschmama
Kristi – Finding Ninee
Stephanie – Mommy, For Real
Rachel – Tao of Poop
Deb – Urban Moo Cow
Kimberly – Make Mommy Go Something, Something
Katia – I Am The Milk
Kath – Kat’s Theory of Music

Ten Things of Thankful

31 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – The Remembering What’s Important Edition

  1. Wonderful things to indeed be thankful for and I am so glad that you found that guy to help you after you hacked again. Seriously, just so sorry again you had to go through any of that in the first place. Have a great weekend now!! 🙂

  2. What a week you had. I’m glad that you have taken the positive turn and are finding things to be grateful for in the mess life can sometimes hand us. I know that’s what I have to do and it isn’t always easy. This hop helps.
    Blog hacking is a total fear of mine and now, thanks to you, if it happens I know where to turn.
    The Proverb is beautiful and yes, I had to read it twice to fully absorb it and I get it. Sadly, we all have to be shaken up a bit from time to time to get set in a new and proper direction. I pray you find your way.
    You have a very impressive list of friends there! Love them all!

  3. Jen, wow. So sorry to hear that Raised on the Radio got hacked. 😦 But also happy it’s ok again now. Same thing happened to me so many times this year! No so happy your baby sitter left, but glad that your little one’s adjusting too. Catch you again this week, my friend.

  4. I’m glad that you got Raised on the Radio sorted out, and this blog protected. What a load of hassle you could’ve done without!

    LOVE the pic of you and Isaiah. And so glad that you understood why he was freaking out and were able to be patient with him. And that YOU had the support of such wonderful, understanding women.

  5. As the first thing I’ve read this morning I thank you for the perspective. Yours and hopefully mine. While it’s been not the greatest couple of weeks in your life, it has caused you to step back and re-evaluate. That’s a good lesson. You’ve been right along side me, taking joy in what’s happening in my life lately… that’s something I could feel, and I only hope the good in mine gives you the perspective that really good things can happen, and happen quickly. I’m hoping that for you. I am also taking your bumps in the road and remembering that everything can crash in a minute. Thanks for the shout-out Jen, it’s a long road, always good having someone to ride shotgun.

  6. Good gravy! Your babysitter really did leave after reading your blog! I can’t even fathom that. I’m so sorry for you and especially for Isaiah.
    Really, I’m just sorry you had such a sucky couple of weeks. I’m glad you joined us in looking for good things. I hope it helps.
    A wonderful stepdad is a huge blessing. For sure.
    I pray this week is calm and relaxing and full of goodness.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo obviously. Also, did he put in something that prevents people from right clicking on your images? I’m down with knowing how to do that. Totally and completely.

  8. “He is probably the most normal parental unit I own.”

    that is why I like you and your blog, and the reason I was (originally) able to get comfortable in the often intimidating world of bloggers and their professional writing skills, and such.
    I thought, ‘damn! she writes sorta like I think… I might just get away with this!’

    good that things are demonstrating the, not always clear, quality of sorting themselves out, given sufficient time and patience.

  9. It is so great that you have an in-law you are so comfortable with! I am glad things are looking up for you.
    I read you pretty regularly (and just started following on bloglovin), but I don’t know why your babysitter would leave you! That’s miserable! I hope you find a better one soon.

  10. wow, that was a seriously challenging couple a weeks… what a mess uP! I know what you mean about listening…I often think AFTER times like that…”WHy cant I just shut up and hear things a bit sooner?” I guess Im just stubborn and take some convincing…good luck on your spiritual pursuit…don’t let anything scare you from it! okay so I just did your required little math issue down there in order to post … but I have said this on other blogs… being dyslexic I almost just let it all go cuz it takes me THAT long to count crap like that out… I realize about the hack but man, theres gotta be another way… I hope.

  11. I’m sorry you lost your sitter, and Isaiah is suffering from the situation. I hope he gets over it soon. Lots of love and cuddles will definitely help. I’m glad you got your hacked blog fixed, and got a break as part of it. Sometimes, a break – even if it’s foreced upon us – is the best thing that can happen. Have a wonderful weekend, Jen!

  12. So sorry your sitter left you and Isaiah. I haven’t read here for too long yet, but I can’t figure out what about your blog would make your sitter bail. Hm.

    I think your lines from Proverbs are lovely. It’s hard to be humble and so hard to listen, isn’t it? I totally get that.

    The blog hacking – scary. I think I’m going to save that site just in case. And, hopefully, by being prepared, I won’t ever have to use it!

    Have a great week!

  13. So sorry to hear you’ve had a rough few weeks and that you lost your sitter. Hope your son is okay with that – I know change is hard. And sorry to hear you got hacked – bleh! You haven’t had luck with that have you (I remember you had a problem here too).

    Also glad to know you found the support you needed – including from some of the people you’ve met online and that YOU are still online. I’m very glad to know you.

    I also nominated you for a Sunshine Award. I know not everyone does them – but you are really one of the bloggers who has reached out and made the blogging experience that much better for me, so I wanted to say thanks! http://babygatesdown.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/awards-awards-awards/

  14. From one person facing a crappy, crappy couple of weeks to another, I hope there is a silver lining out there for you. I’m having trouble finding mine still, and I’m usually disgustingly optimistic. The verse from Proverbs is excellent for my situation as well.
    Wait, I have to do MATH to comment? GAHHHH!

  15. Jen, I’m truly sorry you had a tough couple of weeks, but I’m happy to know you had such amazing support, and that you found some clarity in the end!! Great TToT. Your son is precious!

  16. Your blog got hacked, your babysitter quit, and yet here you are, finding things for which to be thankful! Thanks for sharing gratitude even during the rough times!

  17. What a sweet post, full of reminders for all of us. I’m glad your week got better, Jen!! And you’re an awesome blogger for giving credit to all of the people who helped you feel better. Love it.

  18. First, I’m so sorry that ROTR got hacked but it really does sound like it was for the better for many many reasons. I’m thankful that you have the perspective to see that and to back off from it. It would have taken me much more time. Also the famous thing? I wished that too but realized how dumb that was. I am still in shock about your babysitter leaving you (my babysitter does not know about my blog – maybe your next one needs to not know about yours???) but glad that you saw Isaiah’s needs and that you both got the hugs that you needed from one another.
    I’m thankful that I know you, and that you’re awesome and amazing. xo and TTTx10!

  19. So good to see the words “not giving up on blogging” Even greater is knowing that I was somehow connected to this. I love you, Jen. You are real and wonderful and full of soul and I am thankful for continuing to share the blogosphere with you. ❤

    p.s. It's ok to want to be famous. You deserve it.

  20. I am thankful for all those women too, because I would hate for you to stop blogging. I’m thankful you aren’t, Jen! I’m also thankful I get to practice my math facts every time I leave a comment here 🙂

    • I’m glad you are thankful for the math Dana, I’d hate to lose readers over it, but I’d hate to lose my blog even more!

  21. Hmmm, I thought I commented on here at some point. Huh. Guess not. Well, here goes:

    What a rough week …with the babysitter leaving and Raised on The Radio getting hacked…but you managed to find some positives and some pretty awesome Thankfuls! Kudos to you!!

    This is a pretty great list, Jen! 😀

  22. I’m sorry to hear/read about the past two weeks. Your list of Thankful puts a few things in perspective for me, too. I hope you are through the worst of it and I’m thankful you had such a strong support system. If I had known you were considering not blogging anymore…I would have had knots in my stomach. I love your blog! I’m glad you’re still here.

  23. You do know that I love you mucho grand and I hope that it’s not too soon to profess that…if it is…then you can call me a creeper.
    I’d creep you any day.
    Now that? Was weird.

  24. Jen, I am beyond thankful that you considered my support to be of help to you over the last few weeks. I could not believe the crap that was thrown your way. I feel like I BARELY did a thing. YOU are the one who persevered. I’m thankful for Jen Kehl’s perseverance!!!!

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