The More The Merrier The Music The Better

2013-01-11 23.33.57

Hey All! Here’s another looking back post, but this one is a little unique. I was gonna regale you with some awesome photos of the Christmas party I host for the employees (all 5 of them) of my family business, while sharing some of the great playlists that were created on Raised on the Radio this past month. But….. it turns out all of the pictures sucked, everyone was making weird half talking faces, or one eye open, or red-eye. So here’s a picture of my bro-in-law psyched to try the Moskato Life that was so generously sent to me after meeting up with those awesome folks at BlogHer ’13.

We all know I love playlists, but I had no idea everyone wanted playlists so much! My new endeavor at Raised on the Radio has been so much fun and really rewarding! Our playlists have been getting a ton of listens, which just proves my point – everyone loves great music. I appreciate all of you so much who have checked us out, and if you haven’t head on over! If you like music, you’ll love the site. It’s not a site for music snobs, it’s real people sharing stories about the music they love. And while you’re at it, we love guest posts at Raised on the Radio so click on What’s The Deal With This Shindig and give me a hollar!

So hear here you go. Since Moskato Life was nice enough to provide some of the beverages for my Christmas party, here’s a little shout out to them.

2013-01-11 22.47.02

And here are the great playlists we shared for the holidays (some holiday related some not) over at Raised on the Radio:


A Swinging Playlist for Your Holiday Party – this was a nice list full of some mellow jazz holiday standards, most were completely instrumental. It is really my go to list when we are having a quiet party, doesn’t force people to talk to loudly.

A Martini Lounge Holiday Playlist – Well, this is what it sounds like. Some great lounge music, if you’re not familiar with lounge music you need to at least go check this out.

A Playlist For Grinches: December Songs That Don’t Mention The Holidays– This one is kind of a misnomer, it makes you think the songs will be Grinchy, it’s not the songs, it’s you. Ha. A great contribution by one of my co-conspirators over at ROTR Lance Burson.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: A Classic Rock Christmas Playlist – This is just what you think it is, all those Rockin’ Christmas songs you love in one place! Contributed by my other co-conspirator at ROTR Linda Roy.

An Inspirational Christmas Music Playlist With a Twist – This is full of the more religious Christmas songs you hear, I tried to pick the versions everyone really wants. Go let me know if I’m missing anything!

A Twisted Christmas Mixtape: Funny Christmas Songs – If Grandma got run over by Dominick the donkey, then you’re in the right place!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas – The Best Christmas Playlist Ever – Well once again, this speaks for itself. These are all the Christmas songs you know and love, by all the artists you love to hear sing them. You know, like how you remember them…

New Year’s Eve Disco Playlist – Old School Disco Music –  This is just what you think! The Best Disco Music Playlist EVER (if I do say so myself) it’s not just for New Year’s anytime you want to play that funky music, check out this mix!

Rock The New Year – A short but sweet rockin’ list for the New Year.

and last but there are so many more to come….

First #1 Hits of the New Year for Each Year of the 70’s! 

2013-01-12 00.18.32

Happy New Year from my sister and my bro-in-law, because I’m always the one behind the camera 😉


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