Twisted MixTape Tuesday 7

Ain’t NOTHING like the REAL THING baby. Unless of course it’s a cover song. You’ve got your OK cover songs, your good cover songs, and then there’s the ones that might even be better than the original. Am I allowed to say that on the radio? Or at least a new take on the original that is good enough to stand on its own. Are they riding on the coat-tails of someone else’s genius or are they taking that Genius One Step Further? You decide. It’s Dealer’s Choice.

As always I love when people play along. I am no DJ Diva, I do not need to be the center of attention. I enjoy reading your choices as much as I enjoy putting mine together. So come on down! If you’re feeling extra PLUCKY, put your own post together and LINK RIGHT UP, I’ve finally put a Linky in!

As Music Director of this lovely show, I feel compelled to tell you that there are loosey goosey rules. If you’re gonna link-up there must be a song mention in your post. OR just put your choices in the comment section. Other than that. Do the Five Song Thing if you like, it’s my favorite way. Or do it your own way, that’s good too! My Co-Host Kristi from Finding Ninee is back this week and she does her own super special version. A story, silly drawings and a song! Click anywhere her name and a link show up and you’ll Move On Down to her post. She’s also in the Linky go give her some love, and all the other linkers too!

For next week’s topic we will paint a picture. You were in a SERIOUS/CASUAL relationship and now by no choice of your own it’s over.  You’re gonna tell HIM/HER that HE/SHE Would Be So Better Off If He’d Stayed With You.

Now down to the DJ stylings of that Twisted MixTape lady with her choice of Top 5 Best Covers of ALL TIME(OK maybe not all time, let’s just say for now).

Once upon a time I managed a CD Store, a short-lived phenomenon, the kind where you could “Listen Before You Buy.” I had access to anything that came in a box from the record company, BEFORE you did. That is when this particular song crossed my Radar. Since the internet was still a baby, the chances of me discovering this album at its release were iffy. You may or may not know, that I do have an obsession with the Carpenter’s, Don’t Judge, so I probably would have found it. That voice, the emotion – it’s enough. And I am not alone; the long list of Big Names that participated in the Cover Album  If I Were a Carpenter – Various Artists is all the evidence I need. Here’s Dishwalla with It’s Going to Take Some Time(btw the album version is much better, sorry Dishwalla)(also, great song to jam to in your car, window’s down, volume UP)


OK, so if you don’t already know the GENIUS of Ben Fold’s Five I am including the link to my fave album. BECAUSE he is a GENIUS. Did I mention that? Here is his rendition of Steely Dan’s Barrytownyou may not know this song if you are not Dually Obsessed with Steely Dan and The Carpenter’s, however it is a treat to my musical ears. The song came from the soundtrack to  Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture) – Various Artists and it is filled with many more listen worthy Steely Dan covers. I will link the live version at the bottom of the post, because I think it is important to note that Ben Folds is NEVER off-key. (also he’s cute in a geeky sort of way)


There have been some really great Beatle’s Cover Songs. It was actually hard to choose, Blackbird by Sarah MacLachlan, With a Little Help From My Friends by both Joe Cocker and Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 who also covered Fool on the Hill, Hey Jude by the Grateful Dead, We Can Work it Out by Stevie Wonder, and there are literally 1oo others. I could do a MixTape on best Beatles Covers in a heartbeat. But since this is just BEST COVERS I chose: Got to Get You Into My Life by Earth Wind and Fire. Man is this song smooth. And for your viewing pleasure, here is the version as a clip from the movie Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Yes those are the Gibbs, and Peter Frampton there at the end.


Now I loved this song in its original form by Roberta Flack. But I always thought it was so sad. This version, gives it a beat that you can jam to. Another car-tune with the window’s DOWN. Killing Me Softly by The Fugees.


I love me some me some Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, you may notice I tweet Pandora often about my love for brazilian music (insert belly laugh here, like you follow my each and every tweet!). I was first introduced to Brazilian Music in the form of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Brazil 66 by my father who had a close friend in Brazil. He would always come home with a new RECORD album. We had full REEL TO REEL’s (for you youngin’s google it) of Bossa Nova and Samba. And those beautiful mellow voices of the amazing Brazilian Musicians. I had lots of cover choices from Sergio and Brazil 66. I think you’ll like this one, the song you probably know best by Simon & Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair by Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66. (It is interesting to note that although we attribute this song to Simon & Garfunkel, their version is actually a cover too. Scarborough Fair is an old English folk song dating back to the 1670’s! The first time the general public heard this song was in 1941 as part of the soundtrack of Manhunt.)


I’m sorry, I tried not to break my own rules. I have to include this song because, WHY? I love The Carpenter’s I SAID IT, now move along. They have their share of cover’s, one of the best known is Ticket to Ride however for this list I chose something less known, and way more happy! Jambalaya originally written and recorded by Hank Williams in 1952.


Honorable mention goes to De La Soul for Three is the Magic Number. Not an actual cover of the song Three is the Magic Number from School House Rock, but an awesome version.

And because you know you need this list, Click on these links to buy on iTunes:

It’s Going to Take Some Time – If I Were a Carpenter
Barrytown – Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture)
Got to Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits
Killing Me Softly With His Song – Fugees: Greatest Hits
Feria Scarborough (Scarborough Fair) – Greatest Hits

Please hook up with us! We love LOVE your lists! See you next week for You Belong With Me.

And Here’s the link to the Live Version of Ben Fold’s doing Barrytown.

Thanks for playing!

45 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape Tuesday 7

  1. If I had to pick for me, one of the best cover songs that came to my mind was Guns N’ Roses cover of The Beatles song, Live and Let Die. Truly a huge Beatles fan and also of Gun N’ Roses, so the best of both worlds for me.

    • Janine I have such a strong memory connected to that song. My parents left me in charge of my sister one night, and we watched James Bond – Live and Let Die. That song was the theme song…. I was terrified! I still can barely watch that James Bond!

  2. I like the Carpenters too. I have their greatest hits and their Xmas CD. I really like Bryan Adams cover of Pink Floyd’s Young Lust (I’m listening to it right now). I like it better than the original. I, too, like the Fugees version of Killing Me Softly. I love Lauryn Hill’s voice.

    I’m gonna get on the ball one week an do this link up. Had a guest post this week – Sarah, from comment above. 🙂 I don’t know if I want to go down the road of next week’s topic. That could send me down a sloppy lane of sobbing reminiscing. I’ll have to put some thought into it.

    • I know you can do it Kate! You are a happily married woman who definitely got the better deal. Whoever it was is probably crying in their coffee 😉

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  4. Bloody hell. I just spent 15 minutes typing out my list on my mobile phone, and just as I was finishing number 4, I accidentally clicked the back arrow and erased the whole thing. #facepalm

  5. I love, love LOVE Ben Folds! I literally let out a “squee” when I saw he was on your list!! The Fugees doing “Killing Me Softly” was my introduction to Lauren Hill. Awesome.

    I’ll always love the Nirvana cover of The David Bowie song “The Man Who Sold the World”. It’s one of my favorite covers!

    • Oh my gosh! I forgot about the Man Who Sold the World. Did you ever watch that show “Rockstar INXS?” Jordis Unga sang that song, IT WAS AMAZING!

    • I love that you linked up this week LM! Thank you so much, here’s what I had to say on your blog, but just incase….
      I have never seen Smashing Pumpkins like that! And as someone who actually knew half of the band before they were famous I am ashamed, but happy! I have always loved that version of Blinded By The Light, and this jam is priceless! So glad you included it! I remember when that version of Wild Horses came out, that song has always been bittersweet for me. HOLY CRAP is that from Rockstar INXS? I made a mention of Jordis Unga singing The Man Who Sold the World on that show. I also loved that version of Knockin on Heaven’s door it got a lot of play in my college Dorm! Rockin list! Thank you so much for playing!

  6. @sadder but wiser-love Manson’s Tainted Love and Disturbed Land Of Confusion!
    @janine Forgot about GNR Live and Let Die! Good choice!
    @Jen @Kate love the Fugees version
    @the dose of reality-Great Nirvana song

  7. I just posted a real post yesterday. I can’t do another one again so soon, or people might expect me to post more than once every 2-3 weeks. 😉
    ANYWAY, here’s essentially what I was going to say before. I absolutely LOVE covers. In the order they came into my head, not necessarily the order of importance:
    (1) “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Tori Amos. I never really cared for the original version of this song until I heard Tori’s version. I was so blown away by her version that it completely transformed my opinion of Nirvana, and now actually quite like many of their songs. I also particularly loved her versions of “Angie” (by the Rolling Stones, whom I really never liked), “Thank You” (by Led Zeppelin, whose version I also love) and “A Case of You” (by Joni Mitchell)
    (2) “Hello” by David Cook (from American Idol). I always loved this Lionel Richie tune, but when David started singing it, I really felt the emotion behind the song in a way that it had never hit me before. While Lionel’s clear voice made it very sad and sort of shy, like he was whispering to himself, David’s version was painful, and desperate, and heartbreaking. This was the only season of Idol I ever watched, but this song was the moment I went from “I am only watching this until the writer’s strike is over” to “Oh my god as long as David Cook is on this show I MUST WATCH.” Actually I pretty much loved every cover he did on the show after that too. Billie Jean, Always Be My Baby, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face…. *sigh* I would own all of these if they ever released them through anything other than iTunes (which I don’t use).
    (3) “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” by Barenaked Ladies. I had never heard of Bruce Cockburn until Bnl recorded this song for a Bruce Cockburn tribute album, but I absolutely love this song. It is one of my favorite songs of all-time. I like the original song, but it’s only ok to me. The way that Bnl transformed the song really knocked me off my feet.
    (4) “Blackbird” by Sarah McLaughlin. Blackbird is one of my favorite Beatles songs, and Sarah McLaughlin is one of my favorite female vocalists. Put the two together and you have an overflowing bucket of awesome.
    (5) “California Stars” by Wilco and Billy Bragg. This is technically not a cover because Woody Guthrie never wrote down his music, so all they had was lyrics; it was basically like setting poetry to music. I think they did a great job of writing a song that sounded like Wilco and Woody Guthrie at the same time. Just lovely.

    • I had a friend who was Tori’s personal assistant, wild right? I got to see her play this in concert, honestly was not a fan until I saw her live, but she blew me away! I never heard that version of Hello, I LOVE IT! I’m gonna have to check out all of his other stuff! Have loved Barenaked Ladies from the beginning, this version is so awesome, it’s a mix of their “style” and the natural beauty of the song. I already mentioned in my post how much I love Blackbird by Sarah, I am not so much of a fan, so I love that I love that song!
      And can I just say THANK YOU, I have never heard that version of California Stars, and I love it! Just added it to my favorites. Rock on Sister! Save one of your posts for us next week!

  8. It took me a bit but I’m live, too! Yay to Twisted Mix Tape Tuesdays! thanks so much for thinking of this and making me your co-host! An honor, pal. Thank you 🙂 and…yum Killing Me Softly by The Fugees. Seriously. Huge love.

  9. Now, I do believe it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway since this is a public blog and you never know how people read into things) that I would NEVER want someone to kill themselves over love, nor would I ever recommend that. But what I DO want to recommend is this hilarious song that goes perfectly with your post…it’s one of my faves that was featured on Dumb and Dumber, and I laughed so hard when I heard it, not able to believe the words. Here’s the link, and I promise I’m not sending you a virus. You know me better than that. 🙂

    • Shay That song is awesome! How did I miss it? I’m such a soundtrack junkie. Man this MixTape thing is gonna cost me a fortune on itunes. dang

  10. In my former life I worked with inner city kids, and we would listen to the radio when Killing Me Softly by the Fugees was on. I knew all the words (from Roberta Flack’s version of course), and the kids were so impressed. I didn’t let them in on my secret 🙂

  11. Damn, this just keeps getting better and better. What an amazing idea that has grown so big. No surprise, though, with you in charge. 🙂 I didn’t even know the Carpenters had a tribute album, but I love them, especially “On Top of the World.” Great memories of my folks on that one. And you cited Hank Williams. Just sayin’.

    • I heart you Miss!
      Can you come and play one day??? Bring a little Texas to the mix. Not that Texas is different from the rest of the world or anything 😉

  12. Okay, here are mine:

    1. The Way You Do the Things You Do – Jerry Garcia Band
    2. Killing Me Softly – Fugees (it was on my list before I read this!)
    3. Walking In My Shoes – NLX
    4. Over the Rainbow – Israel K
    5. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town – The Killers


    • I think we’re soul sisters Deb! It was so hard not to put a Dead/Garcia song in the list. Also not to choose something from Deadicated! Killing me softly, gimme. I mentioned to another player that I love Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but it makes me sad… And I have to listen to that version of Ruby! That song get’s sung often in this house!!!
      Thank you so much for playing! It means the world to me!

  13. Ok, so I am going to attempt this but I am not so musically inclined… especially with stuff like this where I can’t just pick random stuff. Hmm.

    Ok, that song “Hallelujah”. I’ve heard it lots of places (like on Shrek and by Justin Timberlake at a charity benefit) It’s a freaking beautiful song and it’s been covered a TON!

    Ok next “RESPECT”… I bet ya didn’t know that was a cover? Oh you did? k fine.

    One of my favs “I will always Love you” I love both the Whitney version and the Dolly Parton version. Both winners!

  14. I’m sorry I’m so late to the comment party! Great picks – I love the Carpenters and I was so bummed that my band wasn’t famous enough to be on that tribute album. lol
    Hank Williams is a great choice. Shay – I love that you picked Pete Droge. We played with him in Austin back in the 90s.

    • I love this game! Not only do you get to be introduced to music you may not have heard before, but you also get to know people on a totally different dimension! I am sure you would have done The Carpenters proud!

  15. Hey Jen,

    I’m coming from Modern Hippie Momma’s blog hop. No clue what made me click over, cause I randomly look for 3 or 4 blogs to follow. But, I’m a homeschooling Mom, so when I saw that you homeschool, I had to read more.

    Quite an interesting introduction you have there!

    I really do love the Carpenters. I love Karen’s voice. It’s so rich. People just don’t sing anymore. It really is a shame, what happened to her. Sad.

    Anyway, new follower.

    In terms of music, I’m sort of old school. I still sing to Chicago when it’s on the radio. REO speedwagon.

    Crazy, eh?

    Some other songs I love

    Love Walks In – Van Halen

    Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi (and he is really super good looking – even now)

    Let the River Run – Carley Simon.

    One in a Million You – Larry Graham. It reminds me of my parents.

    On the Floor – JLo. What can I say. J Lo isn’t that great of an artist, but the song does have a great beat.

    • Hey Lisa! I already follow you on facebook 🙂 With a name like squishable baby, how could I not?! It’s true about The Carpenter’s isn’t it? I love Chicago and REO too! I am a little stuck in the 70’s sometimes. Great list! Let the River Run by Carly is a superb choice! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Isn’t it amazing Johnny? Although Roberta does it some serious justice too. But Lauren Hill, she can do anything. Except pay her taxes 🙂

  16. This is fun and I got all my songs in order. Love that version of ‘Killing Me Softly’ also! I linked up after several attempts on my part and my computer skills. I stuck to safer choices this time. Lance and I agree I need to hang around on your blogs before I can proclaim music genius title. 🙂 Nice to be on here!

    • Donetta! I can’t wait to see your list! I think we are all our own musical geniuses, to each person music means something completely different.

    • Thanks Lance! I love that you are participating. There’s such a great mix of people playing along. Thanks to you even some of your fans played.

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