One Time When I Was Bored out of My Mind I…..

Finish the Sentence Friday
So I’ve never actually done the Finish the Sentence Friday hop, and I’m guessing from most of the posts I have read so far, that I probably picked the wrong one to start with, but just for kicks, and to get my feet wet, I’m jumping in!
One time when I was bored out of my mind I started a blog, and I was never bored again.
The End.
Just kidding, I mean, not really.  Cause it’s the Gods honest truth I have no time now! Notice how I am writing this post on the Friday it is “due”, ha ha.  Due, that’s funny.  Whoa, I am way to tired to be writing right now.  OK, I call a Mulligan.
Let’s talk pre-kid, pre-marriage, then I think I can I can play this game.
More than one time, when I was bored out of my mind I:
  1. Decided to be a bouncer at a bar that used to be my hang out. Ok, clearly they didn’t get a lot of riff raff, cause you know I’m a girl. But I could read, and since being a bouncer consisted of checking ID’s and saying yea or nay I was qualified.  Alright, I hung out there a lot, or I wouldn’t have gotten bored, don’t judge. I was in my 20’s living in a pretty cool little Chicago neighborhood, with a favorite bar, a lot like Cheers, only no Sam, no Carla, no Diane, no pretty brass, no nice lighting, no ferns.  OK, nothing like Cheers, but everyone knew my name.simons
  2. decided to take a break from college and followed the Grateful Dead for roughly 16 months. Don’t tell anyone. Truthfully I don’t remember how long, or what, who or when. Maybe it never happened. Oh wait, there are pictures, luckily none of them are on my computer. Oh shoot, I lie. grateful dead oakland coliseum
  3. decided to go to a really awesome Halloween Party at an Indie movie studio in Chicago where I met David Schwimmer, he was an ass. (the one in silver is me….those were the days, I was a venutian (you know, from Venus))halloween venutian
  4. downloaded 5834 songs onto iTunes. OK, maybe being bored isn’t the real reason, maybe it’s an addiction. Whatever. I don’t want to talk about it.
  5. I thought being a punk-rocker was a good idea, so I shaved all of the hair off of the sides of my head. I will not show you the pictures of my green mohawk. Yes, I had a green mohawk, don’t tell anyone. I will hunt you down. Here is a toned down picture of that snippet of my life, this is after I experimented the first time. Apparently it wasn’t good enough. A month later, all that was left was a green row of long hair down the middle of my head. My brother called me broccoli head. This was after the sides started growing out, and the green washed out to blonde.


Well there you have it.  5 things I did when I was really bored. Thank goodness I haven’t been really bored in a while.  Who knows what I’d get up to.


32 thoughts on “One Time When I Was Bored out of My Mind I…..

  1. This was truly awesome and great first post linking up with us!! I loved all the pictures of you from back in the day, too. Very brave and totally admire you for sharing 🙂 Just so glad I am not sure where half of my photos from high school and college are right now. Thanks again for linking up and hope you link up with us again now!! 🙂

  2. you followed the Dead around???? how have you kept this information to yourself all this time???? your cool quotient just went up about a thousand!
    does that make me sound like a crazy hippie??? hmmm….
    glad you joined FTSF!

  3. hahaha, I love you even more now. I had a green braided “tail” and shaved stair-steps into the sides of my head. Awesome. And I have like 8,000 songs in my iTunes library. But I imported all of my old cd’s. I guess I was bored and didn’t even know it. My contribution tonight was one that happened because I couldn’t remember being bored. You have more brain cells left than I do, I guess…

    • It was probably all our parents fault. The green hair I mean. I don’t know bout the brain cells everything pre-1988 is gone. Literally. Can’t wait to check out your un-list! How do people type on iPads? Every time I need a special character I have to switch screens. Sucks.

  4. I’m sure you’re much wiser now. But you lived through all of it and have some great stories to tell, so it was worth it, right?

    Who has time to be bored once they’re a parent?

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. stopping by from SITSSharefest

    Sounds like a lot of cool stuff. When I’m bored I usually watch tv. your’s sounds more fun.

    Have a great day!

  6. That was a very impressive list. Wow. I don’t have the balls to look at how many songs I actually have on itunes because I can’t bear thinking how much money I have blown on there. Although now it’s 50% music and 50% last ditch effort kid app purchases to entertain my son.

  7. ( god! is that a Ford Pinto in the background of that first photo?)

    Good Post…I’m a big fan of Janine and Kate and Stephanie and Dawn’s FTSF blog hop primarily ’cause it ‘gets me out once a week’.
    You know how it gets, there never seems to be enough time for writing for one blog, never mind reading others, but each Friday (and sometimes into Saturday) I try and participate in the Finish the Sentence thang.

    btw if you are thinking that shaved heads and/or colors usually found on the far end of the electromagnetic spectrum is indicative of a certain personality type, I would only add…
    ‘well it might be, especially if there is a marked affinity for…’fringe fashion footwear’…meaning the well worn, comfortable pair of combat boots or other foot coverings that elicit the pointed, ‘you’re not going to wear *those*, are you?’
    Just for your consideration.
    Enjoyed the post and really like the idea of (the) photos as story enhancement… cool

    • Dude. It was a Dead show in the 80’s it could have been a flying potato for all I know. Well, I guess I could just look, but I would be lying if I said I knew. You my friend, if I can call you that, have given me words for thought. If I am who I think I am, then my motto as preached by Woody Allen is quite fitting “I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.”
      And, as to the footwear, I have never been one to don footwear that could not be worn for days on end. As to the meaning of this, it seems I will be heading back your way.

  8. Hi Jen, welcome to the FTSF blog hop!! Glad to connect with you too! You actually followed the Grateful Dead…that is way cool. And I am so happy to connect with a fellow music lover too!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Oh no, not ever! Now I am extremely vain about my hair, it took so many years to grow out! I have had really long hair ever since. I feel like someday my grand punishment for my vanity will be all of my hair falling out!

  9. Hooray- so glad you linked up with us! OK, that last picture was so hilarious and a total classic. Loved it. And yeah, the last time I was bored I too started a blog. And yes- the end. It takes up SO much time I feel like I will never have another minute where I just sit around ever again. Hope you come back next week!

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