10 reason’s I haven’t killed my husband yet

I’m sharing this post with Monday Listacles, the list is supposed to be “10 way’s my partner is awesome” Well, I guess I am taking this challenge on a little twisty turny ride, so sue me. So this will double as my Happy Husband Sunday post.

So for those of you who never complain about your husband, you might want to stop reading now. Without further ado, this will be a countdown.

10.  He does the laundry without being asked. Randomly. However when he does the laundry, he finds the clearest space he can and deposits it there, a few toys, some books, no matter. There it will remain unfolded until, through a silent war of attrition, I fold it.


9.  He empties the dishwasher. However after 13 years living in the same house, he doesn’t know where anything that isn’t a dish or glass goes, so he leaves them on the counter for me to put away.


8.  He sells things on Ebay for extra spending money. However his special brand of ADD organization creates chaos in our basement.


7.  He has 2 jobs, he’s a real breadwinner! One of which is in sales, that involves a lot of paperwork. Did I mention he is lacking in organizational skills? It’s my fault when he can’t find something.


6.  He cuddles with the dogs on the sofa at night.  Awwww….. This is what he leaves for me in the morning.


5.  He sells computers.  So if I need something all I need to do is find it.


4.  He doesn’t stink up our bathroom.  This is his the guest bathroom.


3. Did I mention he has two jobs, so great, right? He needs them to pay for his habit, these are tennis shirts, this is only half of his closet.


2.  He is handy.  He just never has time to fix anything.

This is my son wearing our washer door as a hat.  Hmmm.... how do you do laundry without a washer door?

This is my son wearing our washer door as a hat. Hmmm…. how do you do laundry without a washer door?

1.  He loves our boy.



56 thoughts on “10 reason’s I haven’t killed my husband yet

  1. The last picture is so cute! The dishes! We used to that issue, but he knows where everything goes now, for the most part. If he doesn’t, then he just puts it away wherever he thinks it’s supposed to go, which means I’m sometimes looking for things around the kitchen. Ha!

    • He puts things in their own “special” places too. I think he just can’t decide which will make me madder, if I can’t find the measuring cup or if I have to put it away myself!

    • I’m sorry. He doesn’t actually DO dishes, he empties the dishwasher onto the COUNTER, every once in a blue moon. He also does laundry the same way, completely randomly AND he gets my white socks in with my darks. The papers are the least of my worries, because they are in the basement and I can pretend they don’t exist!

  2. When did you sneak into my house????? Your title cracked me up and other than my husband has golf instead of tennis shirts and does Craigslist instead of eBay…..

    Very funny!!! 😀

    • Ha ha ha! I won’t let him do Craigslist, because he would be running out the door (we call him Rabbit, as in Alice in Wonderland) and he would yell to me, “Honey a serial killer is coming to get some shirts, make sure you’re here!”

  3. Apparently we are married to the same man – my hubby is the exact same way!! I was laughing and nodding with every single thing. Isn’t it nice to know you’re not alone? 😉

    Following you from Monday Mingle! 🙂

  4. This post made me smile. It is so real and I like that. Right now my hubby better hope I don’t write a top 10 on him! LoL Not even 9 am here in Ky. and he is already in the dog house! 😀

    • At your mothers house. Which also means having to have a conversation with her, which earns my husband more negative points. Meanwhile my brother-in-law came and fixed it.

  5. Cracking up babe, great list. Yes, of course #10 is the best, at the end of the day that’s the most important right? My hubby still doesn’t know where anything is or what he needs to do, LOl

  6. Visiting from Mom’s Monday Mingle. OMG this is absolutely hysterical! I hope you’ll share it at this week’s Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution (www.thejennyevolution.com). Would love to have you join our community.

  7. Yo awesome chickie! SO FUNNY. Love that after 13 years he still doesn’t know where things go. My husband always leaves the tupperware on the counter after emptying the dishwasher. When I ask why, he tells me that it needed to dry more. Really?
    That pile of papers is hilarious. Our “office” has a bed in it for guests. The bed has more paper than a dump site.
    Super adorable photo at the end! Mwah, TTTx10!

    • Ahhh….so you are one of them. My desk actually looks like that too, but it’s because my husband puts every piece of information he thinks I need, or every receipt I tell him to save on MY desk.

    • I get so mad at him, he’ll use the LAST of the milk to dip cookies in. Then only use half the milk. Meanwhile, we have a child that needs that milk!

    • Nice one! That was actually pretty tame. He takes all of the mail into the guest bathroom, and then leaves it scattered all over the floor, bills and all. This time it was just too many catalogs. I should have taken the photo of me chasing the dog who had our auto registration renewal in his mouth, because his poppy left it on the floor in the bathroom!

  8. We might maybe live in te same house. Laundry…check (except add shrinkage of my clothing only. HOW does that happen).

    Office and filing spaces….exact matches!

    Dishes don’t sit on the counter but they do get shoved anywhere the fit despite my having developed a great organization system

    • I feel ya! He breaks the cardinal rules constantly 1)NEVER wash the child’s clothes with rags. 2)Never mix darks and whites. I don’t think I have two matching white socks.

  9. LOVE the title of your post and all of the photos that accompanies your list. The emptying the dishwasher one had me in tears…he doesn’t know where the other stuff goes…I think that’s a lot of men.

    • The worst is when he actually puts something away in the wrong place, I’ll ask him where he put it, and he’s all, I don’t even know what your talking about! What is that thing anyway??

    • I don’t know if I’m a really good example, I’d check out the other listicle ladies, cause they seem to have some pretty awesome husband mojo. Not to say mine isn’t awesome, just, you know.

  10. My husband said he would do the laundry, but forewarned me that he only recognizes lights and darks as categories. Sigh. He does unload the dishwasher, though, and actually knows where stuff goes. He should, since he organized the kitchen, lol. Love the last pic, natch.

    • That all sounds pretty good to me. Today my husband put away the maple syrup, it took me 20 minutes to find it. Not in the fridge, in a cupboard, with no other food in it.

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