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  When I was 7, I remember sitting on the sofa, vibrating with excitement, as I waited for Frosty the Snowman to come on television.  The highlight of the month of December for me was the Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials. The grown-ups had It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street, but we had […]

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  • OMG I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU I DIDN’T WATCH THESE UNTIL I SAW THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY. Oh, his eyes. So creepy opening and shutting. Maybe this is why I dislike that song so much.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      I thought the movie was pretty scary. I don’t know if you remember Jean, but he got kidnapped by some very mean men.ReplyCancel

  • I cannot believe anyone has not seen these classics and seriouslyI have seen all of them and remember like you watching them every year at Christmas time as a kid and now we try to watch as many of these with our kids now, too. Thank you for sharing linking up and the trip down memory lane here tonight!! Just so happy to have you join us!! :)ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      I’m happy to play Janine! I have a little trouble with the serious topics, but when I can lighten them up I’m all over it! And I have all of them on video now, so I can share them with Isaiah NON-STOP!ReplyCancel

  • That Rudolph movie is one of my all-time favorites, ever. I mimic Yukon Cornelious several times throughout each year and made hubs purchase it for like $20 last year so that i could share it with my son!!!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Totally Kristi! SILVER I TELL YOU!ReplyCancel

  • Love the litany of actors you have mentioned. As for your movie choices – well, they are just perfect! Haven’t seen the Year without Santa Claus – sounds a tad unfortunate!
    I’ll add it to the list to watch in the next few weeks when my kids come back home from college for Christmas! Yes! It’ll be just the ticket – good to watch something different and quirky.
    Your ending to this post is beyond brilliant.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Why thank you Kelly! And yes, it is a must! I would love to hear what your kids think!ReplyCancel

  • Christopher has told me, “I don’t think I can like it if it’s black and white” to Miracle on 34th street. Maybe one day he’ll watch it with me. And why is that to him there’s something scary in all of my favorite movies? He doesn’t like them. He’s on board will all of the Charlie Brown’s so that’s where we are right now. But that doesn’t stop me from watching these alone. Do you remember the Easter ones that looked like it was made by whoever did the Rudolph one? I haven’t seen it since I was little.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Oh my gosh Kenya! With the giant bunny! I so vaguely remember it! Isaiah likes black and white movies that are funny. He would never get through Miracle on 34th Street. But he loves these!ReplyCancel

  • So obviously (or maybe not…) these movies were not playing in my home country when I was growing up, but there’s something so cozy about Christmas that I vicariously enjoyed the movies with you and Isaiah just reading about them… Great recommendations, I’ll make sure to watch at least one this year (trying to be realistic).ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      You can buy a set that has 4 of them for like 19.99 or less, I think Katia. GO GET THEMReplyCancel

  • I watched and liked them all as a kid. There was a lot of talent associated with them. Now, I cringe when my kids watch them. They laugh at the animation and lack of special effects, though. lol

    Charlie Brown Christmas is still pretty awesome, there a layer of subversiveness to it that’s awesome.ReplyCancel

  • That’s funny, I don’t think I ever remember seeing this Little Drummer Boy. Wow, the list of actors you rattled off makes me want to go back and watch them all again to see who I never picked up on! :)ReplyCancel

  • Can I be honest?? I don’t think my kids have ever watched Rudolph all the way through. :-( I’ve have tried on a few occasions but, it seems to always come on TV at an awkward time and they are less than wowed by the low-tech nature of it. I remember, as a kid, watching it was a family event. I also remember being terribly frightened by the abominable snowman. When he came on, I would climb up in my daddy’s lap and hide my face until he was gone! Maybe I’ll buy the DVD and force them to sit throughout the WHOLE thing – which, without commercials, is probably like 40 minutes, right?lReplyCancel

  • I love your list, I love all these movies and bought them on DVD right after the boys were born (along with SchoolHouse Rock because if everything we learned was set to music we wouldn’t forget it!!!!)
    Yet, I watch some of them now and I just cringe, like Rudolph and his friends leaving Cornelius after he falls off a cliff and whoa the violence and bullying (Wasn’t Lucy of Charlie Brown) the first real bully? However, I know the messages are there and that is why I still love the songs and the movies themselves.

    I am a little disappointed that my favorite (beyond The Miser Brothers) isn’t here..where is my NESTOR?

    we’ve been watching all of these for years and I plan to keep that up, the message of Christmas never gets old even if the technology is. ;) Right?ReplyCancel

  • Would you believe Frosty made (makes?) me cry every time? I loved Santa Claus is coming to town…. And I never really cared about the “adult” movies… Miracle on 34th street and all that. With you!ReplyCancel

  • I remember watching these when I was little. Rudolph was my favorite. :)ReplyCancel

  • Love these. My favorite was always The Year Without a Santa Claus when I was a kid.ReplyCancel

  • I have done my kids a great disservice – I think the only one of these they have seen is Frosty. What kind of mother am I? The Year Without a Santa Claus is my fave – Heat Miser rocks!ReplyCancel

  • As a huge fan of old school Christmas movies, I am shocked to say that I’ve never heard of that Drummer Boy movie! IF it’s scary as you mentioned, perhaps I will stay away from it, given my 7 yo’ s propensity for sensitivity and movie-related freak-outs. I had to laugh when ABC family made a printed guide to their holiday movies for kids this month and it included “Holiday in Handcuffs” and “Baby Daddy.” Yeah. Really awesome “family holiday movies,” eh?ReplyCancel

  • Ah! I adore that version of Rudolph and watched it every Christmas. This was a great memory. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • I love these Jen! We have a DVD of Christmas classics and my kids, and I, love watching them!!!ReplyCancel

  • Well I never did see any of these, but my all-time-favourite-EVER Christmas movie is without doubt, White Christmas, when I fell quite in love (ad a shockingly young age) with Danny Kaye, singing and tap-dancing. I STILL don’t know all the words to all the songs, but I adore them and MUST watch it at least once every Christmas time.

    Miracle on 34th Street is also utterly amazing. Both versions.

    And The Snowman. Is. Essential.ReplyCancel

  • I totally agree! I actually bought a DVD set with four of the old classic Christmas movies so my kids could see them every year. They still come on television but we don’t always catch them so we can watch them whenever we get the chance. Great post! I’m so glad I’m not alone in loving the classics!ReplyCancel

  • Glad to hear you’re going to remedy the Christmas ‘specials’ season for your friends and their kids! I have seen all of these, and now while no kids at home, there are a few that make my heart skip a beat when I see commercials for them. I have always loved Rudolph and Frosty the best (from childhood) but Drummer Boy was special, I have to say my favorite! Great memories, keep on the path to remedy the Holiday favorites with your friends!ReplyCancel

  • I confess that I didn’t know that there were more movies than Rudolph and Frosty. Might have to look into the others. Thank for opening my eyes!ReplyCancel

  • I LOVED Burgermeister! My husbands hair starts to look like his when it gets too long! I miss that one! Great list.ReplyCancel

  • YES YES YES! Thank you for posting these classic cartoons! My husband has no recollection of the heat/cold miser songs and he HATES claymation. For shame! Rudolph has always been my favorite but I find myself singing heat miser at random moments!ReplyCancel

  • Finally stopped by after reading about you and your blog everywhere else!
    I showed my 4yo daughter Boris Karloff’s Grinch this morning for the first time. It’s been a favorite book of hers for years. She literally screamed with laughter. Sweetest sound ever.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      I’m so glad you stopped by Sarah! The Grinch really is priceless. I remember just waiting and waiting for it! If you get the DVD there is a whole making of The Grinch, and believe it or not, it’s just as funny!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Hurley Horn

    So glad to see Year Without a Santa Claus on your list!!! That song is sooooo addictive!! I have vivid memories singing it OVER and OVER, too :) Glad there were no video recorders back then :)ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE these movies, too! I was visiting my Grams a couple of weekends ago and there was a marathon of all of these movies on. My kids weren’t even there, and she thought I was kidding when I squealed with excitement and turned up the TV to hear them all. Now, I know that it’s not a “classic,” but my kids and hubs and I have been watching Home Alone this week and we can’t get enough of it. I think it’s a pretty great Christmas movie, too. :)ReplyCancel

  • I used to like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer best. I was never much for animated movies when I was a kid though. Even when I was a very small little kid, Miracle On 34th Street was my favorite Christmas movie! I didn’t really understand what exactly her and her mother’s relationship was with the “uncle” character, or the part about the house in the end, until I was older… but I would watch it all year long!ReplyCancel

Phew…. at least I got that off my chest. Once upon a time – before kid – before marriage – before my eyes were opened to the reality of other people needing me. Ugh. I used to devour one “meaningful” book after another. My brain knew no bounds, I just sucked it all in, and even […]

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  • I am a huge and I mean HUGE Rick Riordan fan. I dont even care that it is for young adults. I even embarrassed Abby by having a discussion with her classmates about the Blood of Olympus ;)

    Thanks for the recommendations, downloading the free kindle book today!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Yea Kerri! I do that all the time, I get into heated discussions with Middle Schoolers about the books I am reading! Someday I am sure Isaiah will be just as horrified! p.s. not free, just on super duper sale!ReplyCancel

  • Beth

    Thanks for this, Jen! I will pass this along to share with friends and family looking for a “good read” :) By the way, please stop boosting your intelligence or we won’t be able to have our average coffee chats!! :)ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      You’re welcome! And don’t worry, my brain is like a seive, I go back to normal brain capacity after about 48 hours!ReplyCancel

Hold on Tight I Don’t Exactly Know What’s Going to Happen!     As a child, I remember being quite frightened by Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory. My strongest memory is of the Oompa Loompas, they were just plain scary. I have been waiting for years to let Isaiah watch Willy Wonka and The […]

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  • HA! Of course that was the one line he took from the song :) I love the Gene Wilder version, the original that SHOULD NOT Have been redone. I was Violet Beauregard’s mother in our school play. I got to puke in my purse. My one and only drama experience.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten Anne Kovaleski Piccini

    My boys, Jacob in particular, has loved this movie since he was 4. I showed it to them too early? But soon Jacob was walking like Willy, asking for a bow tie (I bought two) and he can recite so many lines of dialogue. I just love when my sons embrace and growth to adore the things I do. A full circle of childhood memories.

    So glad Isaiah loved it too.ReplyCancel

  • Of course he did! I loved the original movie too, but I will admit that the Oompa Loompas kinda freaked me out.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Dana, the Oompa Loompas still freak me out. I kinda look at them out of the corner of my eye, otherwise it’s just too much.ReplyCancel

The table is set, the lights are turned down just enough to make the room sparkle and the cheesy Christmas decorations are hidden in another room – leaving only the very tasteful decorations you share with company. Occupy the kids with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and enjoy one night as an adult. Hit shuffle on your Thanksgiving Playlist […]

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  • I MISS YOU. My favorite is “What Child is This” but only because it’s to the tune of Greensleeves, and the first time I heard Greensleeves, in 4th grade, I had to pretend I wasn’t crying. For real. xxoo TTTx kazillionReplyCancel

  • Very nice list. I try to do a 25 day of Christmas songs on Facebook. Starting on the 1st of December, I usually post one of my favorite Christmas songs. I have been slacking this year. lol. I definitely miss MixTapes. This playlist is inspiring though to make a quick Christmas list on my blog. Do you take guest post? lol.ReplyCancel

When I met Dr D I was the most holistic mom I knew. I’m sure there were way more holistic moms out in California or something. However I’m from the midwest, and 9 years ago being holistic was akin to voodoo. I definitely got the stink eye when I fed my kid organic, shunned Disney fruit […]

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  • I agree with you that for immune-compromised people and their immediate family, a flue shot would make sense. However, it was weird that during the H1N1-outbreak, when adults got into fist-fights over a dose in the U.S., the vaccine was rotting in Germany where hardly anyone got it. Still, we did not have a mass-outbreak of he disease there. Living in the U.S. at the time and being pregnant, I still rejected the shot, because I considered the risk small for myself, working in a small office and not getting in touch with sick people on a regular basis (like nurses or people working in doctor’s offices do). We also don’t do flue shots now, for the same reasons. Side effects of the shot can indeed be flue-like symptoms, my dad had them every year while he was still required to get the shot because of his work. I may get the shot next year to see if it really helps with my sinus infections, as the doctor recommended, but not while I’m pregnant or nursing.

    Thanks for sharing the info, Jen!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Yeah, like I said it was never part of my big plan. And I know plenty of people who don’t get the flu shot. But the truth is, I went 15 years without getting the flu. You’re not going to get the flu every year. But when you do, that’s huge. And of course having a high risk child changes everything! Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

  • We never used to get the flu shot, until my daughter got the swine flu and was down for the count for five days. She also has asthma, so all four of us get the shot. We go to the CVS clinic every October, and never had any problems.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Hi Dana! Yeah my girlfriend got it and was out for a full week. She couldn’t get out of bed and her mom had to come and take care of her kids. I can’t imagine being that sick, and hope I don’t have to find out!ReplyCancel

As I sit here munching on my not-oreo Organic Tasty Sandwich Cookies, it occurs to me that many people don’t eat organic because it’s too much work. Well let me tell you, I’m With You Sister! (or brother, you too!) I remember a time, a long long time ago, when cooking was a wonderful and […]

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  • I am trying to eat better because well…crazy medications like to do funny things to my internal organs.
    Foods that are “specialty” aren’t bad. I think people have this notion that they taste like cardboard. Ok, some of the things do, but some of the things in the “regular” aisles taste gross too.ReplyCancel

Believe it or not, Isaiah and I were laying in bed the other night when we had this conversation. “Mom, we’re never going to make a difference” “Of course we will my love.” “But mom, we’re the only people I know who even care about GMO’s and eat organic.” “That’s not true baby, we know […]

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  • Jen, I can honestly say I don’t know enough about this, but seriously appreciate you sharing more here today and just sorry anyone would treat you poor.y for thinking to choose organic.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      I don’t mind people thinking I’m cuckoo Janine, because I am pretty militant! I’m glad you are learning something here! Keep tuned in, I think you will learn a lot.ReplyCancel

  • I would not think someone was weird for wanting to bring their own food to a get-together. I don’t eat meat, and if I am going somewhere where I know meat will be the main course, I bring my own main course… for instance bringing veggie burgers or a portabello mushroom to a cook-out. When I get my own apartment I will probably eat organic all the time too. I wonder if it will help my allergies?ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Well you understand Angel, I think some people wonder why you can’t just eat it this one time. You know? I get that from the older crowd quite a bit. And I definitely think making the choice to go organic would help your allergies!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Croisant

    Awwww – what a sweet conversation. HE will make a difference and more power to you!!! Friend from the Eco Eats Challenge ReplyCancel

  • Donetta Sifford

    Since reading your article ‘I was against GMOs before it was cool’, I have had the pleasure of trying something new today. I ordered a cereal from a company, Abe’s Market, and it arrived this morning. Honey Almond Quinoa Cereal. I had never tried anything like this. At first my taste buds were thrown off a bit because I prefer my cereal and oatmeal on the sweeter side. But after the next few bites, I was hooked. Great texture, and so easy to eat. You can eat it as is, heat it 20 seconds in the microwave, or on the stovetop. I chose the microwave. Luckily, my girls are into changes and healthy eating! I wanted to share this link with you. It’s an article on GMOs and how to avoid them. Thanks Jen!

  • Kim Urig

    Great post, I am also participating in the #EcoEats challenge with my blog Our Daily Green.
    I would like very much to introduce you to a writer friend of mine whose 17 y/o has SPD and she’s written a book about their journey of advocacy. I think you will find a tremendous amount of comfort in your similar stories.
    Find her on Facebook at I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey. ReplyCancel

  • I was so annoyed with Tucker’s school when I found out they were giving them cheese puffs as a reward! I had brought in a few boxes of Annie’s cheddar bunnies/pretzel snacks and was like “You need to use those instead!!” UGH. I think you’re doing excellent things here, Jen and I adore the conversation that Isaiah had with you. Here’s to being the weird family! And congratulations on getting in with NBC’s green universal program!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Thank you my friend! I know how it is. It’s one of the blessings of homeschooling. My sister has the same problems at her school. And no organic milk? HELLO??!!ReplyCancel

  • I will be following, Jen. My kids give me grief when I make healthier switches, but I know it’s important.

    And I haven’t visited in awhile – wow! New design, new business – how exciting! I wish you much success on your new venture.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Thanks Dana! It really is important. I do promise to continue writing about it!ReplyCancel

  • Anna E.

    Jen, We often get questioned why we pay extra money for organic food, when it was sprayed with something anyway and it’s not that natural. We say that 1) at least there is some guarantee; 2) fresh fruits and veggies do taste better then conventional. I grew up on the food grown in my grandparents garden, and I do remember the taste of the most natural foods! When I moved to the US from Russia, I almost stopped eating fruits and veggies (conventional) because they were tasteless to me. Then we started to shop organic, and enjoy a better taste and some assurance that it was not GMO or treated w/pesticides.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer Kehl

      Well Anna, you know I understand. And I can only imagine how amazing the food tasted straight from the garden! I know with our own few cucumbers and tomatoes it’s still amazing when fresh! What is more amazing to me is that it needs to be explained. Seems like common sense to me! Thanks for stopping by ;-)ReplyCancel

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