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We Whisper Dyslexia

Sitting across the desk from my son’s neuro-psychologist, I finally understood. This is what people are talking about when they hear news, but can’t process it. I knew he was talking, but the words didn’t make any sense. “This took him so long.” “And this one, it took him much longer than it should have.” […]


A Book Review: Order of Seven by Beth Teliho

I love Young Adult books. There is something about how quickly it gets in to the story, and how emotionally invested the characters are, that grabs me. Order of Seven by Beth Teliho is no exception. I cracked this book open (ok turned on my Kindle) about 9pm on a Tuesday night. At 2am I […]

Advocating for Your Child parenting

My Kid is a Freaking Rainbow

Last week, in search of something shiny, my son and I popped into the local resale shop. After a few laps around, some time in the toy section checking out a little fairy castle, he settled on a beautiful pair of clip earrings, circa 1984 old lady. I wasn’t sure what his plan was, but […]

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Twisted Mix Tape The #Mommitment Edition

I don’t have to miss mix tapes, because mix tapes are constantly playing in my head. Not a day goes by that I don’t think, “If I were making a mix tape about ……. this song would be on it.” So that’s how this happened. There’s a movement that’s been going around the web called […]


Hard Days Hard Nights: Stories from Pittsburgh’s First Concert Promoter

He brought the Beatles to Pittsburgh for $5000, and that was only the beginning. I had the pleasure of reading a book for review this week that I definitely would have read anyway! Hard Days Hard Nights: From the Beatles to the Doors to the Stones… Insider Stories From a Legendary Concert Promoter Hard Days […]

parenting raising a boy

I Got a Parenting Do-Over and it Couldn’t Have Come Too Soon

Cabin fever was definitely taking its toll on us. Every conversation was somehow escalating into an argument. Every interaction with Isaiah seemed more like a list of what he was doing wrong, not what he was doing right. School work was a struggle, bedtime was a struggle, forget picking up his toys. I watched it […]

Advocating for Your Child parenting sensory processing disorder

I Love a Little Girl With PACS1 And I’ve Never Even Met Her

I am pretty sure if Isaiah and Bridget ever met, they would be amazing friends. I’ve been watching Bridget grow up for a while now. I met her mom, Kerri, through my good friend, Kristi, because we were all moms of kids with Special Needs, and we all had the same sense of humor. That […]

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The Answer is, You Don’t Get An Answer

  Last night I came into my bedroom and was immediately informed that “it” was none of my beeswax. I did not know what “it” was, but was pretty sure that “it” wasn’t good. However I am a huge fan of natural consequences and so I walked away. 15 minutes later the boy was screaming […]

parenting raising a boy

The #1 Reason You Should Not Listen to Your Mom

Isaiah is pretty sure I ruin everything. He might be right. So he’s going to explain why you shouldn’t listen to your mom.  

Life in General

Next Year I’m Going to Be on the Christmas Card

It has been three years since we have had a family picture on our Christmas card. It’s cool, no one minds because the kid is quite amazing. But the reality is I can’t stand to see myself in a photograph. Luckily you’re not one of my friends I’m having coffee with because I really don’t […]