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There Must Be Some Misunderstanding – Losing Phil and Finding Van Halen with Doug Foster

  Growing up, until I got to sixth grade or so, my older brother was the primary caretaker of our record collection. Whether due to having more money or more knowledge, when we got a new record, he was likely the one to buy it. Otherwise for me, most of my exposure to music was

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Twisted MixTape 30

I never needed spiritual songs more than I have this week. A week ago the server on which I am hosted was under attack by a malicious hacker. SO FUN!!! My site was acting funny, then shut down all together on Wednesday. After the attack was over, my site was never the same. Long story

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Twisted MixTape – The Mulligan or Sheep Festivals, Migraines and Flea Bites

I need to ask your forgiveness. Forgive me for not giving this week’s MixTape everything I could. Well, truthfully I couldn’t. After spending 10 hours travelling and participating in the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, enduring 95 degree heat (with sheep), getting completely flea-bitten there and coming home to a karaoke party that lasted way

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