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Ten Things of Thankful – The Remembering What’s Important Edition

And just when you think you’ve gotten out, they suck you right back in again. So here I am, for another short list of Thankfuls. Bet this one’ll surprise you. I am thankful my blog (raised on the radio) got hacked. What you say? Are you crazy? Maybe. But the next 3 thankfuls will tell […]

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It’s Gigantic!

This week, it is my honor to co-host my favorite blog-hop! (Besides mine, shameless plug) When the call went out for new sentences for Finish the Sentence Friday I thought about how much I enjoy the topics that can be turned to the funny side of things. So I offered “Once I saw the biggest…” […]

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Ten Things of Thankful – Pippi Longstocking Edition

  This is going to be a teeny-weeny short small little short (oops said that) list. I have about 15 minutes left of freedom while Isaiah finishes watching Pippi Longstocking for the one millionth time. So let’s get this show on the road, 10 things of Thankful: -Pippi Longstocking. Duh. If it weren’t for her […]

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If Isaiah Had a Million Dollars

One of my least favorite games that my sister and I play is “What Would We Do if We Won The Lottery?” We always buy lottery tickets as a team, especially when we are miles away from our home. (We are convinced based on the median income in our specific set of suburbs that the […]

faith humor parenting raising a boy

Indoctrination Into Thankful

My good friend Lizzi over at Considerings started something a while back called Ten Things of Thankful. It’s an all weekend show where lots of amazing bloggers participate in taking stock, looking at their life and reminding themselves what they have to be thankful for. I have often wanted to participate, but really struggled with […]

humor parenting raising a boy

He Said What? 2013 Top 10 Funny Quotes by my Kid

  If it wasn’t for my son I wouldn’t have a blog. Really. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, I’ve been working on a novel for 4 years now! I really love to write. But Isaiah is an amazing kid. Through all of his adversity; sensory processing disorder, life threatening food allergies, life […]

humor parenting raising a boy sensory processing disorder

I Didn’t Even Know My Kid Knew the Word Crack

Now we don’t like to be judgy judgers do we? Great. But if you do, you might want to head on over to some other blog right about now. If you’ve read my posts you know that my son has Sensory Processing Disorder, butt wiping is one of the last bastions. So I am basically […]

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Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

  Imagine this scene: Little kid sweet voice, expectant, happy: Trick or treat! Evil mother of kid: Sorry you can’t have that buddy, or that, or… well, maybe at the next house!   This is the life of a child with life threatening food allergies at Halloween. Once our parents worried about razor blades in […]


Why Hulu is Not Safe For Kids and Doesn’t Care

On July 14th  I wrote this letter: Dear Hulu, Thank you so much for showing half-naked woman and violence toward women to my 7-year-old. Imagine my surprise today – I decided to reactivate my Hulu Plus subscription so my son could watch The Cosby Show – as he sat there waiting patiently for his show […]

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Who Are You Calling Special?

So I’m sitting in my bed feeling fairly crabby, and really not interested in writing – although I had every intention of doing so. I am reading people’s work, I am considering watching some back episodes on my iPad. Then my son starts hacking. If you know me, then you know my son sleeps with […]