Summer Songs of 2014 – When Isaiah Got His Musical Mojo

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I imagine myself watching Isaiah walk down the aisle – graduation, wedding, court – and thinking back to this summer.

This summer when he would change from an 8yo who was happy listening to what I had playing on the stereo, to a 9yo kid with an opinion.

It turned out that was okay, because, for the most part, I had indoctrinated him well. Well, me and movies….as it turns out.


It all started with Despicable Me.

Up until now I had found myself immune to even the most catchy pop tunes. Or whatever you call them these days.

But catchy it was, and catchy it is, and “Mommy do we have Happy on Pandora?” happened, and so I created a “Happy by Pharrell” station. And sometimes…


and the rest of the music wasn’t all that bad. I’d be lying if I said I liked it enough to play it for longer than a few weeks. But one more gem stuck out.

Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti and Spearhead


And so, when I got sick of the station, I just added those two songs to my Summer Songs of 2014 mix on iTunes.

Last month I got to see a show that will stay with me forever. It’s sad to think, but I do, when I see these bands that have meant so much to our musical culture, that this may be the last time. That’s how I felt when I saw Crosby, Stills and Nash in July.

You know when you’re going to a concert, so you listen to the music from that artist for a few days before? Well I created a Pandora station based on the song “Teach Your Children Well” and I got way more than I planned.

It was like I went back in time 20 years to the days that I swore I would follow the Grateful Dead forever. This became my go to station for the rest of the summer.

What I didn’t expect was for Isaiah to love it too. Trust me, there’s a post brewing about that. He can’t wait until this song comes on every time:

Our House – Crosby, Stills and Nash (of course he says “with two cats on the lawn”)


Another movie inspired song that should get the Grammy for earworm of the century. It is so strong that I had to take it off of our Summer Songs of 2014 mix a few days after putting it on. The reason? The song gave me the amazing ability to fit the sentence everything is awesome into every conversation.

It’s even better in a stage whisper Everything is Awesome.


The last song on my list is really all Isaiah. I listen to it because he loves it. I am sure he loves it because this song should be his anthem. He doesn’t know what an anthem is yet, but when he does, he will know this is it.

Troublemaker – Wheezer



Just incase you’ve never been here before, this is Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday, welcome! This is a place where those of us who love music, and secretly wish  mix tape summer songs 2014those rectangular cumbersome music storage devices were still in use, can come together and make mix tapes for our friends like it’s 1986!

We would love to have you join us, you don’t even need a blog! But if you do, and you feel so inclined, create a mix on your blog that follows these rules: Follow the theme, this week: Your Personal Soundtrack for the Summer of 2014, try to stick to 5 songs (too many and it’s hard for everyone to listen), link up through the blog linky, and check out your fellow mix makers!

If you don’t have a blog, please join us by sticking your choices in the comments!

Next month’s mix goes live on the evening of Oct 6, and the topic is Music About Magic, however you choose to interpret it is up to you! I look forward to seeing you!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Songs of 2014 – When Isaiah Got His Musical Mojo

  1. Yep, great minds think alike! I didn’t think to include Everything is Awesome in mine. LOL. What fun, I’m so happy that the mixtape is back. Once a month might be a little better for my addled brain to handle.

  2. Aww, great summer playlist and going to admit I am totally down in the dumps that technically today was the unofficial end. Just trying to keep the feeling going now even for a few more days!

  3. Happy is just so addictive – excellent choice! And even though I did not listen to your video, just the mention of the Awesome song has it stuck in my head. Thanks Jen!

  4. I love that Isaiah loved Crosby, Stills & Nash so much. What a great concert to have been able to go to this summer. HAHAH to troublemaker! And yeah, Everything is Awesome is such an earworm. The things we do for our kids. 🙂

  5. SAy Hey is on my playlist too. It got a lot of play along with The Lazy Song (which I didn’t include on my mixtape) for my son. He asked for a lot of BEP and Too Close, too.

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