What Are You Wearing? This Mama’s Taking the #365selfie to the Red Carpet


This year when I go to the Oscars Grammys Emmys Tonys family room to watch some awards show Woody Woodpecker, I will be decked out in my finest attire t-shirt and sweats, maybe a hat.

I will be getting a ride in a limousine driving a mini-van filled with other super-stars kids philosophizing about penises amazing flowers and an open bar old McDonald’s wrappers, half empty water bottles, and random cheesy poofs on the floor.

I will be wearing my gorgeous faux fur wrap dog around my neck (ok sitting on my chest).



I will be wearing the most amazing cape anyone could ever own.



And I will be sharing air kisses the most amazing hugs and kisses with all the superstars the most important superstar in my life.



This post is dedicated to you everyday moms and women! I will never be a glamour queen, I will never walk down the red carpet (well never say never), but I will most definitely always be Mommy!

Share with us your self-portraits, in honor of the #365selfie we are sharing what, or who, we are wearing during this Awards Season! And if you don’t have a blog, take a pic, tweet it, stick it in instagram share it with us!


And while you’re at it, if you have time, it would be totally cool if you could stop by and see a few of the co-hosts! We will certainly return the favor!


41 thoughts on “What Are You Wearing? This Mama’s Taking the #365selfie to the Red Carpet

  1. Now I get why Rachel was getting emotional. I was laughing at the philosophizing about penises. Can so relate. Through my son that is. Of course. Loved your amazing faux fur and even more so the cape and more than anything that bond between you and him. Priceless.

  2. THIS is our red carpet, lady! I love seeing us all together like that. And I love how set up your post. Very creative and lovely and you and Isiaiah. Ok, so I changed my mind. This is better than the red carpet! Happy, happy tonight!

    • Don, we had mice living in our van last winter. I think it’s too cold this winter, because there is no change in menu.
      P.S. it is the “girl” who initiates the penis talk!

  3. I’m absolutely c-r-a-z-y about all your precious selfies! And I LOVE that you could’ve been describing my car, too! What’s up with cheese puffs getting everyfrickinwhere?! Also, coveting your awesomerockin’ cape. 🙂

    • I had a fabulous cape once too. I don’t know where it went. It was velvet and I felt like a princess. And I’m grabbing those air kisses!

  4. Maybe it’s because you are the first I visited, but I positively have goosebumps from this post! Cracked up at Woody Woodpecker, sighed at your favorite superstar. So glad I pulled it together enough to do this with you all. xoxo

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  6. Thanks for putting this together Jen! Thank you to all you lovely ladies for putting yourselves out there! We r all in great company.

  7. I freaking love the crossy-out feature. I wish blogger had it! (Or maybe it does, and my technodumbass just hasn’t figured it out yet.) This post was adorable–and funny!

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