100 Word Song – Her First Mistake

This week I had the honor of choosing the song for my good friend Lance’s 100 Word Song Meme over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog and one of my partners at Raised on the Radio. I chose Lyle Lovett’s Her First Mistake because, well – there isn’t a Lyle Lovett song that doesn’t fit the soundtrack of my life. So I thought it was time he became part of the soundtrack of the, yet un-named, story of Lu and Cici. Cici discovered she had been living a life based on a lie told 20 years ago when she was summoned to New Orleans for a will reading. You can see how the story began here.

In this chapter we begin seeing things from Lu’s point of view over 20 years ago. This is where the whole story begins.

parkman's drugstore


Lu had been working behind the counter of Parkman’s for two days when he walked in. There was something about his easy-going smile.
“Note to self,” she thought. “Steer clear.”
She had to admit that he was handsome, but when he sat down right in front of her, she knew she wouldn’t admit it to him.

“Hi.” What was that? A southern drawl, but more refined. “You’re new here.”
“Yup.” That was all he was going to get.
“Where are you from? Let me guess. Now you’re going to have to talk a little more for this to work.”



In Lance’s words:  As always, you have 7 days from NOW (Wednesday), to write 100 words inspired by Her First Mistake by Lyle Lovett. Make sure to link up to the green Mr. Linky button, then use the medias that are social to tell a friend or 50. Thanks for playing.

Lyle Lovett – Her First Mistake

6 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Her First Mistake

  1. “…that’s all he was gonna get…” haha – I love that. Play it cool Lu. Jen, I’m sorry I’m so behind on this story – I’m going back to catch up – wanna fill in the blanks. Stellar song choice. I’m a big Lyle fan and that is my favorite album of his. Getting to work on my 100 word this morning.

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