Raised on the Radio – Melissa from Home on Deranged

Raised on the Radio

Well folks, it’s been a labor of love and it’s finally here. I created a community website to share memories of music by those of us raised on the radio. Although the initial concept was mine, I quickly realized I didn’t want to do it alone. I have two – all the time collaborators – Linda from Elleroy Was Here and Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Besides our posts, we are looking for guest posts. This is NOT music snobbery folks, this is music memories. You can be sure my posts will reek of pop culture. Because after all, I am a child of the 70’s and my dogs were named after Dukes of Hazzard characters.

So, enough with that. We would love for you to contribute, so send me something!

Now head on over to read Melissa’s post:

On Top of The World

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