Twisted MixTape 25


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Whoa. Its been quite a week folks!

To help relieve the stress, I decided to use our theme of “Anything Goes” to create a fun playlist. You my friend are in for a treat.

Friends Don’t Let Their Friend’s Kids Grow Up Listening to Raffi 

(and yes, I am trying to indoctrinate your child, that is what I’m here for after all)


Oompa Loompa by Harry Connick, Jr – Scare ’em straight even before they can watch the movie.


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead by Ella Fitzgerald – My kid loves this song, he’s going to be ruined when I finally let him watch the movie.


Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley – Look how much those kiddos in the front row are enjoying it!


Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley – because.


Bad Bad, Leroy Brown by Jim Croce – Well, duh. He’s got a custom Continental and an El Dorado too, he’s got a 36 gun and a pocket full of fun, he’s got a razor in his shoe. Ah…now you see.


You Can’t Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd by Roger Miller – I don’t think I need to say anymore.



The Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band – The devil + fiddle + almost swearing depending on what version you have. If you’re feeling particularly frisky check out The Muppet Show version


And this is a family favorite….. its got the devil AND gambling AND boats!!

Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat – Guys and Dolls


We want to hear your mixtape!

This really is the fun, it’s not musical snobbery at all, just having a good time! Just incase you are wondering… I listen to EVERY SINGLE mix that links up! I may be picky about what I like, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love finding out what makes your musical souls tic.

The rules of Twisted MixTape are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. This week our theme is ANYTHING GOES! make a 5 song playlist of anything you want! I’ve been waiting for this…

Take it easy, make it flow, remember in your mind you are creating your mixtape for a friend, what would he want to hear?

Create your own post and link it up, or put your mix in the comments. If you are going to link-up there must be a song – relating to the theme – in your post. And really, if you’re not ready to link up with us, no worries! We love songs in the comments! So bring it!

Please visit your fellow mix-makers, and if you can, comeback every so often to see if anyone new has arrived. Share this all over the place, the more the merrier!

If you feel the need to own any of these songs, just click these links and go straight to iTunes:

Oompa Loompa – Songs I Heard
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook
Rock Around the Clock – Rock Around the Clock
Blue Suede Shoes – The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered)
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Life and Times
You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd (Single Version) – Roger Miller: All Time Greatest Hits
The Devil Went Down to Georgia – A Decade of Hits
Sit Down Youre Rocking The Boat – Guys & Dolls (Re-issue with bonus tracks)


The List Of All Lists:

September 24 – Relaxing slow jams. You wanna chill, you want your friends to chill. Any genre from rock to jazz to hip-hop, but it’s gotta be slow-jams
October 1 – Our own Troy from As Long As I’m Singing contributed this week’s theme: the (5) seminal songs who made you the person you are today. The shutter-openers, the wakers, the “I can see clearly now the rain is goners.” The tunes that forced you to look in the mirror and say, “Hey good-looking, you seem familiar, yet new.”
October 8 – I wouldn’t love these songs so much if they weren’t part of a Soundtrack. Your favorite songs from soundtracks, could be anywhere from pop music you love to original scores, you decide. Try and use the point of view that it was the Soundtrack that made you love the song.
October 15 – Make a mix of songs that are totally from a genre or style of music that you don’t usually listen to. You know… 5 songs that you love anyway… kinda like Clark pulling the Classical Music card for Best of
October 22 – Songs that are spiritual. In anyway. To you, about something spiritual, you decide.
October 29 – Songs that are scary. FOR ANY REASON. Halloween is a few days away. Are they scary because of the words, what the band looks like, because it’s just so darn bad??
November 5- Free for all!
November 12 – Song’s that tell a story. These can be epics or not. Just a story. You know, just not la la la I love you or I hate you or whatever…..


Wait? Are you still here? Good. Then let me tell you one more thing. Raised on the Radio is official! Your friends and mine, Linda Roy and Lance Burson have joined forces with me to make our new site something special. All you have to be is a music fan (not a music snob) to enjoy it. We hope to post everyday so if you want to throw your hat in the ring we’d love to have you!
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42 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape 25

  1. Bill Haley and Elvis Presley still two of my favorite songs by them here and even The Wizard of Oz, too. Jen this list tonight seriously might be my favorite of yours so far and now going to listen to each one, because I can and thanks for that!! 🙂

  2. OHHHhHH but I do love that version of ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ – most excellent call! Toe-tapping stuff. I can’t help but sing along 😀

    Kudos on the Elvis and Bill Haley, too 😀 What FUN!

  3. Dude… I’ve got my theories about Raffi. Really messed up theories. Parents are wise to just stick to the Raffi free basics. Except that Oompa Loompa song. Shudder…

    My kids were started off on The Laurie Berkner band and a lot of world music. Stuff that didn’t make me want to stick my head in an oven (hey I was a toddler teacher for a loooooong time and had to hear that stuff all day long too.)

    • When we went to see Journey, Laurie Berkner was doing an afternoon concert in the same venue. So as we were waiting in line we were chit chatting with the security guards. IT WAS SOLD OUT! Never did much for me, but apparently everyone loves her!

  4. I love Bad, Bad Leroy Brown! Such a fun song. As for the Devil Went Down to Georgia – whenever I hear it I think of this article I read on it once where the writer was explaining how she told her kids that when he says “Son of a Bitch” he’s actually saying “Cinnamon Bits” and how they bought it for year. Ie: “I told you once you Cinnamon Bits, I’m the best that’s ever been!”.

    So, it’s my first time joining your hop this week. Hope my entry is okay – it was a bit less “light” than it started out – but it’s where my thoughts went as I mulled it over, so there you have it!

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  6. What a truly FUN List this week… Absolutely brought a smile. I must say though: I can never look at that Elvis video and not think of Forrest Gump. Ha!!!

    Enjoyed, Slu

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  9. Harry Connick Jr.’s version is my favorite! And I can just see Roger Miller looking at the sound technicians afterwards while saying, “What in the frick did I just record there???”

    Slu was right – what a FUN list Jen!

  10. You are right friends don’t let friends listen to Raffi. I’m not sure if I ever actually listened to Raffi, but I always hated all that kid music crap. Music Together was the Worst! And the Wiggles. I did like Laurie Berkner (sp?), but her lyrics were fun and clever (except that truck song). My son LOVES Rock Lobster by the B-52’s. And If I Had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies.

  11. Ha! I knew your kids definitely wouldn’t! Cool list!
    I wish the post would go back to being on actual Tuesday. I feel like I’m late to the game now and everyone is gone by the time I get here. I could do it Monday, but enjoy doing Trifecta then. Wahhh, first world problems.

    • Melissa, I wish I could too, but Tuesday mornings are too hard for me… so Monday night is the only way I could stay on top if it. Most people don’t read until Tuesday though I have found. I know I don’t!

  12. Oh my god, Raffi would just tear my heart out. I couldn’t take it. “Mommy, why are you curled up in the corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth crying?” I mean, jeezuz. Wow – oompa loompa by harry connick jr.? who whoulda thought? And I was just talking about Croce’s Leroy Brown last night before clicking over here and seeing it on your list. Serendipity. Remember when it was racy to sing “damn” in that song?
    Lordy, lordy mama how things have changed girl.

  13. Thanks for the awesome Link up Jen. Also, thanks for reminding me week in and week out. It took me forever to link up. I find that I get so busy I don’t have time for the fun stuff i really want to do.

    So happy to link up with you this week.

  14. Oh man, this is an awesome list, except that I hate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It freaks me out. 🙂 Love the Devil Went Down to Georgia (you know, not freaky at all), because FIDDLES! and that Jim Croce song.

  15. You may not believe that, but today in my music class (I am a music therapist and teach early childhood music classes) we listened to Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd while we played our rhythm sticks!
    My class listens to that song, the Limbo Rock, Roger Miller’s Do- Wacka-Do, Iko Iko by Zap Mama, and Puff the Magic Dragon.

    Disclaimer- there are, in fact, 4 Raffi songs I find tolerable enough to sing with the kids in my class. But my OWN kids- NEVER listen to Raffi songs, or other kid songs, in the car. 🙂

    • That’s because your brilliant Stephanie! I love Zap Mama!!! I didn’t think anyone else knew them. And it was a toss up between Do Wacka Do and Roller-skate!

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  17. this has been not just ‘one of the fun ones*’ it has been one of the more enlightening TMT Tuesdays. I am only up to here on working my way through the list (did not have time this morning to get a little ahead)…but I am finding that there are significant gaps in my music appreciationing!

    …back to work! thanks again

    *not that all the themes are not fun… wait a minute!! there have been some that have made we feel like I was 15 years old again**

    like the start of the Final Exam in the class that I thought I could get ‘A’s without studying

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  19. Who the EF is Raffi is the question. I suppose a great good one? I love this although I have to admit that I had a really superhard time figuring out what to write this week. but I love you even more for that. You always find topics that make me better and remember…I love that…
    Also? OOMPA LOOMPA>>>>> Freaking perfect.

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  21. I love your list. Loved it so much I copied Rock Around The Clock, but not meaning to. I got so caught up in Elvis, Charlie, Jim, and the Witch being Dead, I guess I wasn’t thinking about Bill Haley and His Comets. 🙂 This was fun. I grew up on Roger Miller. Love almost all his songs.

  22. This is so great!!

    Whenever I want to really annoy my husband I will start singing Roger Miller (this song, but really ANY Roger Miller song will do the trick). My first “boom box” was a red, ‘portable’ (yes, it had a strap that you could wear it around your neck–of course, it required several D size batteries) 8-track player and the only two tapes I had were a Roger Miller Greatest Hits and Bill Joel’s “Glass Houses”. Great memories!

    This was such a fun mix-tape!!

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