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Twisted MixTape 33 – This One is Epic!

  I’ve been waiting for this theme for months! This week is “Epics” song’s that tell a story. Not songs that share an emotion, not your simple verse chorus verse bridge verse chorus reprise. Give me a storyline people, what happened? How did it start where did it go? I’ll be honest, the reason I’ve

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Twisted MixTape 30

I never needed spiritual songs more than I have this week. A week ago the server on which I am hosted was under attack by a malicious hacker. SO FUN!!! My site was acting funny, then shut down all together on Wednesday. After the attack was over, my site was never the same. Long story

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Who is Chewbahoe Anyway?

I’ve been asked to contemplate what my favorite movie is. Truth be told, I am not one of those people who will watch movies over and over and over. That’s my husband. You might make it onto my list as a favorite even if I haven’t watched you in 5 years. I’ve been trying to

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