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Twisted Mix Tape 45 – Love Songs

  This is my arena.  I’m not sappy and sweet, there will be no romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for me and the Husband. Sorry. But love songs, I love me a good love song. Give me sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and 70’s music, and you’ve got me. I admit, I can be a music snob sometimes,

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Twisted MixTape 33 – This One is Epic!

  I’ve been waiting for this theme for months! This week is “Epics” song’s that tell a story. Not songs that share an emotion, not your simple verse chorus verse bridge verse chorus reprise. Give me a storyline people, what happened? How did it start where did it go? I’ll be honest, the reason I’ve

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Twisted MixTape – The Mulligan or Sheep Festivals, Migraines and Flea Bites

I need to ask your forgiveness. Forgive me for not giving this week’s MixTape everything I could. Well, truthfully I couldn’t. After spending 10 hours travelling and participating in the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, enduring 95 degree heat (with sheep), getting completely flea-bitten there and coming home to a karaoke party that lasted way

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