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Happy Mother’s Day ~ My Feature at The Sunday Sip

Well what could be better than a feature on a day where you don’t want to do anything? A post without a post! Happy Mother’s Day to me! Head on over to More Than Mommies for The Sunday Sip with Jen Thanks Ladies for helping to make my day more Lazy!


I’m not really playing but….

Today I was caught completely by surprise. This is a picture I took of a bracelet I bought myself when my blog first hit 1000 visitors. (that is me wearing the bracelet) There was a complete set of three I wanted. I thought if I ever make it to 2000, or the impossible 3000, I […]

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It’s a Liebster!

I have to admit, had you asked me two months ago what a Liebster was, I think I would look at you, head tilted, trying to decide if we were speaking the same language. ┬áBut I get it now, and on a really heartfelt note, I have to thank Nicky from Feeling the Empty Nest. […]