Twisted Mix Tape 51 – And Then There Was Live at Ravinia

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Hey everyone! Welcome welcome!

There is nothing like a great concert, getting to see a favorite band live. Or maybe a band you’ve never seen before – or just didn’t appreciate.

I am lucky enough to live by one of the most amazing outdoor venues in the US, sadly we live in the midwest, which means June-September is all the time we have to enjoy it, but enjoy it we do.

The boy pulling his cousin and some of the gear into the entrance of Ravinia

The boy pulling his cousin and some of the gear into the entrance of Ravinia

Because it’s such a great venue, the line-up every year is spectacular. If money were no object, we would probably go to every show, but….

So we narrow it down.  Even still we get to see some amazing shows, and some we go back for year after year.

Here is a list of the bands I love live so much, I see them every year at Ravinia Festival. Thank you to Kerri from Undiagnosed But Okay for the theme this week!

A Bottle of Wine, Some Lawn Chairs, Brie and a Deck of Cards…

My sister classing up the joint at Cheap Trick

My sister classing up the joint at Cheap Trick


Cheap Trick. I have to include Cheap Trick and this is why; I am a so-so Cheap Trick fan, but the husbands (mine and my sister) are bigger Cheap Trick fans. Two years ago they talked us into seeing Cheap Trick at Ravinia, I was pleasantly surprised. So last year we didn’t even ask and just bought tickets. What we didn’t know was they were touring doing the whole Sgt Peppers album. Costume and all! It was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen. No lie. I wrote a post about it called Lessons Learned From a Cheap Trick Concert.

Trust me, you will never look at Cheap Trick the same again.


Journey. I hear a lot of people dis Arnel Pineda. I’m sorry but if Steve Perry’s voice wasn’t wrecked, and he wanted to, he could still be touring with Journey. It was his choice. Meanwhile Neal Schon wasn’t done with Journey yet, and he set out to find a new lead singer. The story is so amazing they made a documentary about it called Don’t Stop Believing.  I also wrote a post about this concert, it was my very first Raised on the Radio post on this blog, simply called Raised on the Radio – Journey.

Let me tell you, they did not make a mistake.

This is the video Neal Schon saw on YouTube when he was just ready to give up his search.

and this its the amazingness that Journey is now


Lyle Lovett. You may not know this, but the only man who I would live John Cusack for is Lyle Lovett. I know, those of you who judge a book by its cover can’t relate. But all you have to do is listen to his music. Well that’s all you have to do. Thank God that he plays live every summer at the Ravinia Festival because you can bet I am there.  Every concert we go to I sit on the lawn. Not Lyle, I gotta be right there for Lyle. I am hoping of the first 5 rows this year.

This is “our song” because my sweet little pyromaniac was born in Texas. It makes me want to move to Texas.

That’s Right You’re Not From Texas


Well that’s 5 songs. I could go on. Really. On and on and on and on.

But I want to hear what you have to say!

Here are the rules:

5 songs (pretty please, I read ALL of your posts, so try and be nice to me and your fellow mixers)
Please visit at least 2 other mixmakers maybe try the one ahead of you and the one behind you. If you have been around a while try and visit someone new.
Your entry MUST INCLUDE MUSIC. Trust me, try and sneak into our little party, I used to be a bouncer. It was a tame bar.

The List of All Lists

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14 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape 51 – And Then There Was Live at Ravinia

  1. Holy shit. Journey and Lyle Lovett in one place? Be still my beating heart and my dancing shoes. (I’d still take Cusack though- something about that man gets me.)

    And let me just say that I’m so jealous of your outdoor concerts. Those are the absolute best. I saw Tori Amos this way. 🙂

    • Oh I get the Cusack thing, but I think I would take the permanency of Lyle… Eh, let’s face it, I’ll never get to choose, so I’ll just take whoever realizes I’m awesome first!

  2. OK… I loved Cheap Trick back in the day —- hadn’t really thought about them since Live From Budokan, truth be told. The Sgt. Pepper thing is inspired. Honestly. Great stuff! Regarding Journey, I know my heart belongs to Steve Perry, too, but that new guy is pretty damn good. I saw that documentary about the search that resulted in finding him and thought it was great! So, I’m with you — Journey is still Journey even without Steve Perry. Who knew? Well, I guess someone did, LOL! That’s a pretty good Lyle Lovett song — I love One-Eyed Fiona my own self. I don’t get that he runs a close second to John Cusack… that’s just weird Jen, just plain weird. I guess he must have something going on that I just don understand, though, I mean he WAS married to Julia Roberts, after all, right? So, what the heck do I know? LOL!

  3. I just watched a documentary on Arnel and his “journey” to being in Journey. It was amazing. They interviewed a lot of fans waiting outside before the concert and I was disgusted as to why people didn’t like him.
    “He wasn’t American”

  4. I know what you mean about having an amazing venue – I grew up near Red Rocks and my friends and I used to go to every single concert that we could afford. I’ve got such amazing memories of those days. Like SUCH amazing memories….sigh, makes me want to be young again. HAHA to Lyle – guess you understand why Julia Roberts married him for a few minutes 😉

  5. So I hope it’s okay that I linked this up here because Kate’s FTSF post was I went to a concert… (and you should link up with that there, because this is perfect). My hub’s fav song ever is Cheap Trick I want you to want me (which seems telling) but I think I told you before and will again that my mom’s lover’s song was Faithfully so um, yeah, hate it. Or did. Still though AWESOME LIST my lovely TTTx10.

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