Weekly Recap – The No Clean Pants Rendition

It’s 90 degrees outside today and I have no clean pants. I am wearing sweatpants, you know, the thick kind that keep you nice and BOILING ON A HOT SUMMER DAY? Yeah that kind.

I also realized yesterday that my favorite yoga pants have a hole in the crotch. I’m washing them anyway, but I am surely not sexy enough to wear them like my super buddy Kristi from Finding Ninee whom you should really visit, because she can make you laugh and cry. Depending on what day you go to visit. She even wrote a post about her hole in her crotch. (That sounds way dirtier than I meant it)

This week has been pretty awesome. We had a GREAT turn out for Twisted Mix-Tape. We always love new players, and contrary to popular opinion you don’t need to know ANYTHING about music to play. Next week the topic is I suck/ You suck. Basically throw your angst out there or apologize for your dumb-headedness through song. 5 songs. You can write some stuff, or just play your tunes. You can create a post or just put your mixtape in the comments. It’s a lot of fun to get to know your favorite bloggers crazy taste in music. And just to prove that I don’t care how loosely you play by the rules. Check out this mixtape by The Sadder But Wiser Girl – All I Wanna Do Is Throw Up When I Hear This Song

The most amazing part about this week is that I got to see TWO awesome concerts. Journey, which absolutely blew me away! Have you heard their new lead singer? I wrote all about it in Raised on the Radio – Journey.  Writing that post made me realize how influential radio was to so many of us growing up, so I decided to start a new series called Raised On the Radio. If you have something to share, please contact me about guest posting! I also got to see Lyle Lovett, who I am in love with. Don’t even talk about him being “unusual” looking, because man, any guy with that talent can look however he wants, I’ll still take him.


That opened up the craziness that is me for all to see; so I wrote about Snacks of Desperation on Finish the Sentence Friday over at Mommy For Real. Where you got to see this:   Speaking of Crazy. Some posts you must read from this week: Honey, Ethan Hawke’s at Target, I’ll Text You Later from Crazy As Normal. I hope I meet John Cusack at Target someday. It could happen.

This post got some people pretty pissed off. Why they care I have no idea. I say, right on. And by the way, only comment if you’re gonna be nice. Otherwise I’ll hunt you down. Really. The AP Hair Style: I don’t brush my children’s hair. It’s a massive philosophical thing. Really by Nothing By The Book

This isn’t crazy, unless the author being crazy counts. But I get a twofer, and that’s awesome. The most creative Lizzi from Considerings guest posted over at Urban Moo Cow with this awesome post The Dark, Seedy Underbelly of Blogging. Now, if you’re a blogger you will love this creative take on blogging. If you aren’t a blogger, welcome to the inner-workings of a bloggers mind.

Some notable Facebook posts for those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook, but I know you will want to when you read these. So head over to My Skewed View


Enjoy your Sunday! And please come back to play Twisted MixTape! We can’t wait to see you!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – The No Clean Pants Rendition

  1. Thanks for the sharing – you rock 🙂 You know why else you rock (and I mean totally, utterly, like a DIAMOND rock…) because I’m STILL listening to ‘Dime’ by Cake. And I still love it 🙂 *mwah*

  2. I’m jealous about the Journey concert even though you know what Journey means to me (vomit). But that’s ’cause of my mom and not ’cause of you, because you are f#cking awesome (see, I am learned). Also, HA, to the whipped cream in the mouth. If there was a nozzle to do that with cheese and Doritos for me? Um. I’d never blog because cheese and Doritos.
    Cheese and Doritos. Sorry. gotta go. Cheese and Doritos….
    TTTx10 friend. And thanks mucho for the shoutouto.

    • Kristi I am so sorry your mom ruined Journey for you. But there’s always Doritos and Cheese. How about we petition Easy Cheese for a doritos version?

    • I literally rocked it Linda! But saw Chicago last night and was not that impressed. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

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