A Word I Can’t Say Because I’m A Prude and I Love Steely Dan

Last week I met some amazing chicas. Collectively, they were the soul to mate, like the shot to my glass, like the Steely to my Dan.

I couldn’t imagine then that these lovely ladies would become so important to me that I would let them interrupt my Steely Dan extravaganza (yes I’m posting from my phone waiting for night two of The Steely Dan concert to begin) to play along with this week’s topic for their series



This week they’re asking for your bit(sorry)chy face, thanks to this video that went viral:


Because I love them, I took this photo while sitting on the lawn waiting for the icons of irony to set the stage for part uno.


Oddly there’s a connection between Steely Dan and this post. It actually makes perfect sense as I sit here during sound check for night two of the highlight of my year; I’m listening to Donald Fagan sing Bad Sneakers and hear the perfect line. “5 names that I can hardly stand to hear, including yours and mine and one more bitch who isn’t hear.”
Maybe she just has bitchy face Donald? I guess we’ll never know.

(I strongly recommend that you head to Old Dog New Tits and According to Mags and check them out, because they are awesomely high-sterical)

8 thoughts on “A Word I Can’t Say Because I’m A Prude and I Love Steely Dan

  1. they call Alabama the crimson tide

    have fun

    and that is a serious, contemplative, thinking about business face. I dig it.

  2. HI JEN!

    Oh for goodness sake, this is FANTABULOUS! You are looking right into my soul in this one. 🙂 Thanks for playing along!! Hope you enjoyed the concert.

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