I Am Not Getting A Job

Tonight as I was getting the boy ready for bed he told me out of the blue:

I’m going to be the kind of person who doesn’t work.

Oh really, sweetheart? What are you going to do?

Well, I’m not going to work.

Well, you have to get a job. Everyone needs a job.

I don’t need to get a job.

Well then, how are you going to pay your bills?

I’m just going to go to the poor box, you know at the Jewel, over by the Target? There’s a box where you put money. I’m going to saw a hole in the bottom of the box and attach a plastic bag. Then I’m going to grab the bag and get the money and that’s how I’m going to pay the bills.

Sweetie, you can’t get money that way. You need to work for your money.

I’m not going to do anything for work, so how can you be asking me that question.
You are writing what I’m saying.

No I’m not

Yes you are

How do you know? You can’t read.

That first thing started with an I. I saw you write an I and I said an I.

Fine. How are you going to pay your bills when you grow up?

I’m not going to pay any bills because I won’t be working.

You have to pay bills or you can’t live.

I don’t care because I’m not going to pay my bills, I just don’t want to. I’M NOT NOT NOT GOING TO PAY MY BILLS!

What if they turn off your electricity?

I’ll use candles.

What if you run out of candles?

I’ll get more

How will you get more if you can’t pay for them?

Well First. Well. First I’ll get lots of them and then I’ll save some.

How will you get them if you can’t pay for them?

I’ll make lemonade stands. I’ll make something – Lemonade Stands, something. I know I will somehow, I’ll get enough money.
Are you sure you’re not writing what I’m saying, are you sure? Are you positive?



So a lemonade stand, or something?

You are writing it! SO A LEMONADE STAND! I see it! It says SO A LEMONADE STAND!

You can read! Yea! Now you can get a job!


56 thoughts on “I Am Not Getting A Job

  1. He sounds like me. Join a rock band kiddo. You’ll be working your butt off, without feeling like you have a job. The only problem is…you’ll still need money! haha! So cute! And…don’t you just love when they bust us for writing about them?

  2. OMG Jen! Laughed out loud (not just an LOL – a real laugh) at the end! I love it and hurray that he can read! Ha!
    PS – when he figures out the whole no job thing, please share his non-illegal secrets with the rest of us?

    • Thanks Kristi! I really was writing it as he was saying it, I was proud of how fast I could type! And when he figures out how to print money, you’ll be the first to know!

  3. I absolutely love your child and love this post! I could imagine that conversation happening between Ben and I. Yes, Isaiah definitely reminds me so much of him. What a bright kid, what a character! This post is adorable.

  4. Oh my word. That is hilarious! Hopefully he’ll just find something he really loves to do that pays money. Heck, I’d like to find that, too. 😉

    • Kerri ~ He had a lemonade stand today, and made $2! He was so proud, and said he was off to buy a chocolate bar!

  5. I love how he said, “You’re writing this down, aren’t you?” My family asks me that all the time, but for a different reason: They love blog posts about them. So I have to hide it when I am writing it down, because if they happen to see it, they try to ham it up and make themselves sound funnier, and it’s just not “raw” anymore. This was adorable, Jen!

  6. Love this! My kids are very suspicious of me writing stuff down to blog about later. And they can definitely read – and my daughter reads my blog. So I always get caught.

  7. He sounds like a prince! Princes don’t get jobs! And they get to become kings, usually! I guess he’ll change his mind when he wants a car, and a cell phone, and a computer, and a TV, and a dog, and, and, and, are you writing this down?! LOL!

  8. So adorable! And I LOVE the photo of him asking for candles! What a perfect pose for that! I will send that darling boy candles for the rest of his life — don’t make him get a job, mama!

  9. In his defense, he seems to have it all figured out. Do you think you could ask him how to solve the Middle East crisis? I’d be interested to get his input.

    And next time record him talking on your phone. He’ll never know…

  10. Oh, this is so cute. I loved the pictures. Somehow, it reminded me of the shtick, “You must pay the rent”…”I can’t pay the rent”…”You must pay the rent”. But, you know, a lot of days, jobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Can’t say I blame the guy. I think he’s wise beyond his years!

    • Totally Rachel! I know just what you’re talking about! I’m figuring he could probably make it as a comedian 🙂

  11. Kids are so cool. Life’s answers may be simple thoughts in their little minds, and they may be right at times! Now, where the Hell’s that box at Jewel over by Target? Well … it’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

    • Dude, Rich – I don’t even know where the box is! I know where the Jewel is by the Target, but I’m still looking for the poor box!

  12. Lol! My son does that too, “Are you writing that down? Please don’t put that in Facebook!” Love how you illustrated his argument with photos.

    • I totally agree with you Cheryl, but I’m not telling the boy. Or else he’s going to say Cheryl said I don’t have to work mom!

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