My Bands Go To Eleven

What Stasha? You’d like to know my top ten list of Real or Imagined Band Names? OF course! I would love to play this week! You say my Twisted MixTape posts are the highlight of your week? Oh yes…oh, you’re too much! Thank you!

Ok, I admit it, I think Stasha at Northwest Mommy, through the powerful and most wonderful blogger Rachee from Say it Rachee, created this Listicle just for me.

Frankly people, one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME is ‘This is Spinal Tap’, a documentary about an “imagined” band. So naturally this list would appeal to me. WHAT? You don’t know this movie you say? No matter, I shall remedy that at the end of this post.

But first my list, in no specific order, Top 10 Imagined Band Names:

Inspired by little dog’s inability to Shut-up!

If you knew my niece you would know this really meant Audi Thornton’s (the car and the gas station)

My son’s epic mis-behavior at Stir Crazy

My son’s indecisiveness and anger at me for trying to help at Stir Crazy

The boy can’t remember my Mother-in-Law’s best friend’s name

I let the boy drink Soy Sauce to keep him quiet at Stir Crazy (it won’t happen again, I assure you)

Thank you Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) for this one

And this one

And this one

I don’t even remember. Something to do with the boy. I can’t remember EVERYTHING you know!

Ah, and last, but not least, an Ode to my boy.


You’re Welcome, all the newly forming rock bands that flock to my blog. I have already created the artwork for your first album, it will cost just a small fee. To be discussed at a later time.

If you made it this far, I insist you watch this clip. And when you’re done, will you click the little clicky banner and let the world know you like me? Feel free to share me all over too. I’m not choosy.

Thank you Stasha for the Monday Listicles, go check out the other great lists!

35 thoughts on “My Bands Go To Eleven

  1. I always thought that “Pathogen” would be a terrific name for a band. Their first album could be called “Contagious”, the next one “Epidemic”, and so on!

    How fun are these listicles? I have to figure out a schedule so I can participate in these here and there! 😀

    • Sarah I know you don’t want to hear this, but there already is a band called Pathogen. They’re a metal band from Australia, they even have some videos on YouTube. I’ll have to see the names of their albums though! I do the listicles when I can, this week was a gimme!

  2. Ok, huge Big Bang Theory Fan here, so loved the Sheldon Cooper references. And would you believe I never saw the Spinal Tap Movie. Not sure why, but just never did. Great list Jen and you did Listicles proud with this one!!

    • Thanks Ellen. That’s what happens when your son threatens a whole meal to drink soy sauce, he get’s to drink soy sauce!

  3. These are really good names. I didn’t even attempt this. I really like Smashing Fortunes. That’s an awesome band name! Shirley Donkey and Barking Daisies totally sound like band names. At first glance I thought they were real.

    • I actually looked them all up to make sure they weren’t! Isn’t that funny 🙂 I thought for sure Barking Daisies!

  4. I havw to admit I’ve never seen This is Spinal Tap either. Its one of those i’ll catch it someday.
    Cowboy Boo. That’s got to be my favorite.

    • Dana, Thank you! Actually, one day the boy walked up to me, out of the blue, and said, “Mom, can you please put gunpowder on the grocery list.”

  5. So much fun! (And I Love This is Spinal Tap! And all of the other films that group does . . .)
    Brilliant band names! I especially love Barking Daisies. I, too, have a dog . . .

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