What Can A Kid Get Into in Under 30 Minutes?

Well isn’t that a loaded question? You mean I can only list 10, because frankly I could list 100, but since some of them are so agregious I probably had to deal with it before pulling out the camera, I will think of this as a “Best Of What Kids Can Get Into in Under 30 Minutes.”


Painting a family on your sliding glass doors.

Watering the whole yard

Stick a gagillion pick-up sticks in his hair.

Get stuck in a toilet in a Home Depot.

Create a really safe treacherous rope swing and swing from it before you notice it.

Draw all over his legs with purple sharpie.

Get stuck in a pillow case.

Paint your fence.

Squeeze himself and his cousin into a dog crate.

Get stuck in a baby size rocking chair.

Oh the things a boy can do when left alone for 30 seconds.  You would think I have learned my lesson, but some lessons are hard more fun not to learn!

Thank you Stasha at Northwest Mommy for this fun prompt, which by the way was “Top Ten Ways to Spend 30 Minutes.”


I am also sharing this with my “Family” over at Mom’s Who Write and Blog


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28 thoughts on “What Can A Kid Get Into in Under 30 Minutes?

  1. Love it! I have two boys and two-year-old daughter. They are trouble non-stop. I really need to be capturing the chaos more on camera. Like yesterday, my daughter took a pair of shoes from my closet and decided to drop about 20 marbles into each flat. I discovered one on each side of our bed. Why? I have no idea.

    • Kerry, That is so funny! My niece used to shove crayons into shoes. Just far enough that you couldn’t see them. We started to learn to check first. She also went through a phase were she was throwing random, but important, things away! It was funny anyway!

  2. Haaahaaa…I’m sorry but the pillow case one and chair cracked me up. Lucky for him he’s so gosh darn cute! 😀

  3. The rope swing honestly almost gave me a heart attack…much like I am sure it did to you!! I have no doubt if my girls had thought of that they would have done it by now! Great list!!-The Dose Girls

    • Sorry I can’t help but want to call you the Dosers, or the Dosey Does…..
      Uh, yes to the heart attack! AND that was only 1 of 3 times he did it! We finally hid the rope, which was a little sad, because he actually made that rope at a farm festival.

    • Stephanie, it’s too funny. When he got stuck in the chair I was cracking up, I couldn’t help it. But you know what? He did it again about 3 months later! So I’d keep the butter handy in case Lily is so inclined again!!

    • Thanks Ducky! Right back atchya, being the only one of my friends with boys this age, it’s kinda hard to know what “normal” is, normal for us is praying there’s no trip to the hospital!

  4. When my son successfully uses his time like yours clearly does I run for my camera too. Long gone are those days of freaking out and immediately rescuing them, right?

    • I know Jean! I am constantly saying “Just leave him alone, if he hurts himself he’ll learn not to do it again!” And it makes for great photo ops!

    • Miss~ I have a pic of him and a friend locked in a giant parrot cage, with a padlock on it. Locked. Didn’t post that one 🙂

  5. oh this was absolutely hilarious!! they sure can get into trouble fast. my littlest one said she was going to wash my floor, and I was like “yeah, yeah, good helping baby” and then turned around just in time to see her dump a bottle of bubbles onto my floor!!

    you’d think later when she was inside the garage and said she wanted to paint — I should have known she meant actually paint All The Things in the garage!! LOL
    seriously, the car, the recycle bins, garbage pail, the door, the floor, the winter tires, bikes….All The Things!!

    • Oh my gosh! Painted the car??!!! I hope something water soluble? My son painted the whole backyard fence with “real” paint, but I figured, who goes in our backyard anyway!
      My son also once mopped the floor by dumping the whole bucket of soapy water on the floor…. yeah, thanks sweetie.

  6. This has got to be the funniest post I’ve read or seen in a while. OMGoodness…all the places your son has been stuck – too cute and funny! The Home Depot pic takes the cake!

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