It’s still a triumph

Today was a triumph.  Well for us anyway.  I would say at this point (Isaiah is 7 now) he probably eats a better variety of food than most kids his age.  Rarely balking at a vegetable, or a food combination, often asking to try something new.  Yet there’s a difference.  The average child could have eaten any of those foods if he wanted to, mine would have puked.  Mine has sensory processing disorder. So today we ate butternut squash. Truth be told, I checked the fridge and we were out of veggies.  All there was, was this container of cubed butternut squash I planned to roast for snacking.  Not wanting to be a bad mom and not have a veggie on the plate, I sautéed up some butternut squash.  I didn’t put it on his plate, I placed it in a bowl between us.  I ate out of the bowl, and waited for him to finish his chicken.  (I didn’t want to potentially spoil the whole meal.) After he finished his chicken I said “hey, do you want to try this?”  He gave me an eyebrow raise, and a “What you talking about Willis” face, but I was undaunted, holding the fork to his mouth.  He took the teeniest of bites with his two front teeth.  Then another.  Then another.  Then a little bit bigger bite. Then finished the whole piece.  He had a weird look on his face, so I didn’t want to be presumptuous, but I had to ask, “want another piece?” “OK” he said seriously.  In the end he ate 4 cubes of butternut squash, a triumph for sensory boy!


Two years ago this was our pumpkin because he wouldn’t even dare to carve it:

This year this is the boy FINALLY feeling comfortable enough to carve a pumpkin!:



4 thoughts on “It’s still a triumph

  1. Wow, that’s a HUGE triumph! My son (3 1/2) has sensory issues too and will NOT eat any veggies except cucumbers. One time, I tried to sneak teeny tiny pieces (like the size of a dot of pen ink – the small one) between the sauce and the cheese on a piece of pizza. He noticed. Sigh. So heck, yes, take your triumphs where you can – because four pieces of squash is a big and awesome one! 🙂

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