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Counting Breaths

I’m at the end of the bed watching Isaiah. He is covered in towels, laying on towels, sleeping fitfully. I have my timer in my hand and I am counting his breaths. At 5am this morning he woke feeling “yucky” and coughing that ugly barking cough. I rolled over and grabbed his inhaler. At 6am […]

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Complacency Can Kill or Nut Allergy and Anaphylaxis are Kissing Cousins

If you’ve read my blog, you know by now, that my motto is “You are your child’s only advocate.” You may also know, that I have done my best to not create drama around my child by over reacting, and playing the “why me?” card. What I may not have shared, is that after 6 […]

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I Know Why I Started, Now How Do I Stop?

I had dreams you know. Dreams of having a baby that would sleep in a crib; happily cooing at its mobile, living in the beautifully serene room I had decorated. A baby who might sleep through the night after 8 weeks (lies). We have a first floor master, a good friend whose twins were 9 […]