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Twisted Mix Tape #MiddleSchoolAwkward – Jr High in the 80s

My very first love was music. Before there was Shaun Cassidy, before John Schneider, before Ralph Macchio. I have opined more than once about my love of Steely Dan, and really, if you think about it, my first love was Rikki (don’t lose that number.) I will assume you haven’t been around forever, and didn’t read

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Raised on the Radio – Kir from The Kir Corner With Harden My Heart

We’re back.  After months away at a new home, I have made the decision to bring Raised on the Radio back to My Skewed View. Breaking myself up into little tiny pieces was never really a good idea. And these wonderful friends of mine have so much to share, I’d like to share it with

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Twisted MixTape 42 – 80’s New Wave

This week’s theme is to make a mixtape of your favorite dance music or dance club mixes. It was requested by our very good friend of mixtape – Kir from The Kir Corner. She lost her brother suddenly at the end of they year, he loved music so much. And especially mixing up the dance

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