Jen Kehl Designs


Hi! I’m Jen.

You may notice that something is different here. If you know me, you may know I am a Woman of many faces.

Over the last three years I have created nine blogs. Nine places to suit nine different pieces of my mind. Some might think that I should join Jack Nicholson in a straight jacket. But the truth is, I have a passion for creating.

But Creating What?

You may not know this, but I am a fourth generation photographer. I still possess what you might think of as archaic, but I think of as real, tangible, cameras passed down from my grandfather and father. And yes, I have two enlargers in my basement, one is over 50 years old (for you youngin’s that used to be how we got the pictures out of cameras and on paper).

The excitement I feel creating and designing a new blog has replaced the feeling I had watching images appear on paper in an amber lit room. And truth be told it may just outweigh the accomplishment I feel when creating a well-crafted blog post. I think that explains the ratio of blogs created to actual published posts.


I have given in. One might say I have accepted my WordPress fetish, one would not be far from the truth.

What makes me happy as much as designing a new blog, is helping someone else design their’s, and even more I love to take the fear out of WordPress for people who just can’t take the plunge, or mess with their theme or header.

I want to help you every step of the way.

But I’m still going to write.

There isn’t a pill to cure my Multiple Personalities, you can’t get rid of all of me that easily.

Click on Blog up there to read me. Click on WordPress Design so we can work together.