Twisted Mix Tape 50 – Sorry Lady, I’m in Love With Someone Else – I Think

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Forbidden love, it’s always sunshine and flowers until the reality sets in. I mean really, that kind of passion and excitement can’t last. Let’s face it, Nothing Looks The Same in the Light, just ask those boys from Wham!

So let’s get to it. What is more forbidden than being in love with someone who belongs to someone else. It is all-consuming, often life ruining, for sure life changing, rarely for the better. If it was always for the better, it wouldn’t be forbidden. Yet for some reason that it was tempts us even more, and we are so drawn to other people’s forbidden romances, are we not? We can’t wait for that next episode of Scandal, or the next US Magazine. Or pictures of John Cusack. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

My Playlist About Being in Love With Someone Else – You Know, Who Doesn’t Belong to You

Tempted – Squeeze – I mentioned this story a long time ago. One time, there was this guy (in that post I actually named names, if you’re bored go find it)…anyway, he went backpacking for 2 months in the middle of our relationship. When he came back, something was off. This song always makes me think about that time, even though it was a favorite way before he strolled into my life. Luckily he didn’t ruin it for me, or I might be Wanted.


Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes Once upon a time it was safe to put an ad in the personals to meet a stranger at a bar. That’s all.


Somebody’s Baby – Jackson Browne Forbidden love, whether real or imagined. Dude, if you walked up to me on the street, I’d give you a chance. I know you’ve gotten a bad rap. Just make sure you and John Cusack don’t decide to walk up to me on the same night. Then all bets are off.


Man On Your Mind – Little River Band Someday I’m gonna write a whole post on Little River Band. Their greatest hits reads like a torrid romance novel. Or maybe just a sad one. Anyway, this one turns the pages a little. He’s not looking elsewhere, she is. And exactly who will she be saying goodbye to? Why do you assume it’s the other guy? (Anyway if you listen to your greatest hits, you’ll see, she didn’t choose you. Sorry)


And I would be remiss if I did not use the song that has been in my head since my friend Doug Foster wrote this post for me: There Must be Some Misunderstanding. This was the second post in what will become our Music on Monday’s Raised on the Radio posts here, back home where they belong. Check it out. He’s a real person, not a blogger. It’s a good read.

Misunderstanding – Genesis


So, the theme is Forbidden Love, completely open to interpretation! I know there are a lot of lurkers out there, so Come On! Put your choices in the comments, you don’t need a blog to have fun.

The rules are as such if you are linking up:
5 songs (pretty please, I read ALL of your posts, so try and be nice to me and your fellow mixers)
Please visit at least 2 other mixmakers maybe try the one ahead of you and the one behind you. If you have been around a while try and visit someone new.
Your entry MUST INCLUDE MUSIC. Trust me, try and sneak into our little party, I used to be a bouncer. It was a tame bar.




March 25 – Songs that you always loved, but they blew you away when you heard them live! (thanks Kerri from Undiagnosed But Okay)
April 1 –  In honor of April Fool’s (also because it’s been 6 weeks) YOUR CHOICE! What do you want to spin for us?
April 8 – These Lyrics Are Genius! (Thank you to Miss Cyn K!)
April 15 – Missing You

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20 thoughts on “Twisted Mix Tape 50 – Sorry Lady, I’m in Love With Someone Else – I Think

  1. Two of these come from favorite movies of mine. Somebody’s Baby from Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Tempted from Reality Bites. Totally love both and could watch the movies over and over again, as well as listen to those songs too 🙂

  2. I love Little River Band. I just listened to them on Saturday. I want to post today – but my mind is blank. I’ve been thinking about it for days now, too. I’ll go scroll through my iTunes library and see if I can come up with something. Can’t wait to see the rest of the posts!

  3. the more you share your music loves the more I am convinced we are soul sisters. Honestly. I love the Little River Band and Jackson Browne and John Cusack. (Plus I really enjoyed the blog post about Genesis yesterday and Phil Collins. He’s another favorite of mine)

    I really enjoyed this mix and more so I love getting to know you through your song choices. Now I want to come and sit on your couch while you tell me stories about the Little River Band. I’ll bring the snacks

  4. Perfect list! You had me for sure at Jackson Browne — and, yes, that would be a hard choice between him and Jon Cusack. Hmm …

  5. Ah yeah, if John Cusack (or Joan, for that matter) were to walk up to me the same night as Little River, Genesis, Jackson Brown, or, even BILLY IDOL, all bets would be off. Can’t blame you there and love your mastery of doing the perfect blend of songs, always. I feel like I never did get the groove.

  6. If I had participated last week, which, sadly, I did not… I, too, would have used “Somebody’s Baby”, as well 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be back to hopping this week 🙂

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