Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 4

Same great song, brand new station.

So let’s get cliche’ shall we? I mean what is more cliche’ than a break-up, right? Movies, TV, books….fraught with that suspenseful tension. Come on, you have to know it’s coming right? Things like this don’t just happen out of the blue. And if it’s happened to you, out of the blue, you’ve got to wonder if maybe, just maybe, you were seeing what you wanted to see, right?

Personally, I have been the breaker-upper, I have been the broken-up-with.  I chose today’s mix-tape topic because, even though I have been the breaker-upper I have never been good about doing it gently. However in my head, I am the queen of the Ever So Gentle Break Up. I have created many a mix-tape to prove it. Huh. Funny? In real life; I’ve sat on a couch waiting for him to get home, UHaul packed, ready to hit the road; I’ve said “If he hangs up on me one more time he’s gone.” Gotten the hang up, then the repentant phone call, “I’m sorry I hung up on you.”  Guess what dude? “Too late, I’m done.” Guess who’s hanging up now. (A box of my stuff arrived a week later). I’m just not really good at the break-up thing, but that’s OK cause I won’t be doing that anymore. Still doesn’t mean I can’t share my mix-tape; just for you, the dude I meant to break-up with gently.

You know I love it when you play along. My super buddy at Finding Ninee is hosting as well (click on her MC pic to go straight to the post). Create your own post, grab a button or don’t. Or simply list your songs in the comment section.  Next week’s topic Stalker Songs: You might think I’m a stalker, but you just don’t know how much you love me. I try to limit the list to 5 songs. If it was the old days, you’d get yourself a 90 minute playlist, those days are gone my friend.  And so are you as I:

Break it to You Gently

Brenda Lee, “Break it to Me Gently” let me down the easy way, make me feel you still love me, if it’s only, if it’s only for one day.

Crowded House, “Better Be Home Soon.”  So don’t say no, don’t say nothing’s wrong. Cause when you get back home, baby I’ll be gone.”

The Manhattens “Kiss and Say Goodbye.” We’ve been meeting here so long, I guess what we done, oh was wrong. Please darling, don’t you cry, let’s just kiss and say goodbye.

Abba “Knowing Me, Knowing You” we just have to face it this time we’re through. Breaking up is never easy I know but it’s time to go. Knowing me knowing you it’s the best I can do.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark “If You Leave” don’t leave now, please don’t take my heart away. Promise me, just one more night, then we’ll go our separate ways.

And because I couldn’t leave without playing the MOST cliche’ break up song ever:

This could not be more classic, lip syncing, (I think I saw you say something while singing Neil), and the white man’s overbite too! Oh yes!

Once again, totally honored to have my favorite real-life rocker and my favorite personality dissector join us for this ride.

Please visit Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom for her amazing, dare I say humbling take on this list.
And Dr Wake-a-lot at The Wakefield Doctrine for his uniquely split personality take on who breaks up how.

Don’t forget:


Break It to Me Gently (Single) – 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Brenda Lee
The Very Very Best of Crowded House – Crowded House
Kiss and Say Goodbye – The Manhattans
Knowing Me, Knowing You – ABBA Gold – Greatest Hits
If You Leave – Pretty In Pink (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – The Very Best of Neil Sedaka

Brought to you by the fabulous DJ duo (click here to get to Kristi’s Post)

29 thoughts on “Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 4

  1. Yes, Breakin Up Is Hard To Do is definitely the king of break up songs. But there are sooooo many great ones. These are just the ones off the top of my head…

    1) You Oughtta Know-Alanis Morrisette
    2) Here Comes Good-Bye-Rascal Flatts
    3) Cry Me A River-Justin Timberlake
    4) You’ll Think of Me-Keith Urban
    5) All Out Of Love-Air Supply (which I’ll never hear without thinking of Van Wilder…)

    • I loved Van Wilder! Has anyone seen that but us? Those are some good heartbreak songs for sure….. not too gentle though 🙂

  2. The most classic breakup song and one I listened to over and over after a really bad breakup when I was younger was November Rain, by Guns and Roses. Just said it all so perfectly at least back then!!

    • Janine! I totally wanted to post Every Rose Has it’s Thorns! I was so not into metal then, but that song stuck with me. But I promised myself I would keep these lists to 5 songs. Or else, as I said, you’d all be getting a 90 minute mix-tape!

  3. I can’t believe that dude mailed you a box of your stuff a week later! And I know what you mean about not gonna be doing any breaking up any time soon. But it sure is fun to remember what idiots we used to be. And HAHA to OMD “If You Leave” – I’d completely forgotten all about that song!
    Awesome post, DJ Sistah!

    • Kristi-How’s this. He hasn’t even spoken to me since then!!!! It’s been 14 years! He blocked me on AOL (in the old days) and would not respond to me on Facebook (in the new days). I heard through the grapevine that I broke his heart into pieces, total BS. Also he thinks I was cheating on him because I met my husband a month after we broke up, and married him 4 months later. Damning evidence for sure, but so not true! Trust me, I won’t bother cheating on you, I’ll just break up with you!

  4. I was just telling Kristi over on her page that one of my faves was Always Be My Baby, by Mariah Carey, which kind of shows that I was possibly the one taking longer to get over the breakup that I initiated than he was…hmm…

  5. 5) I am trying to break your heart – wilco
    4) Don’t You Want Me – Human League
    3) Ever Fallen In Love With someone you shouldn’t – Buzzcocks
    2) Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis
    1) Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

    • Hey Lance~ I love when people include songs I don’t know. Although once I hear it, I may realize I do know it 🙂 Looking forward to listening to that Oasis song, and since my Buzzcock years were all such a haze…..I was thinking about Landslide…..Basically almost any Fleetwood Mac song counts as a break up song doesn’t it??

  6. I would add Barry Manilow’s Somewhere Down the Road. Not exactly a breakup song, but more like a if-only-we-had-met-at-the-right-time lament. I sang it often to get over my unrequited loves as a teenager…

    • Dana~ Barry Manilow was my first concert! My mom used to play his albums over and over and over. I know every song by heart. We took her to see him in Vegas 3 years ago. It was AMAZING. I know I just called a Barry Manilow concert amazing, but it was 🙂

    • Kate- I was ADDICTED to Crowded House for many years. Don’t Dream it’s Over was actually their first radio hit, but it happened before anyone new who they were. It’s an awesome album, Temple of The Low Men, if you are interested… I know it was hard to put that OMD song in, depressing for me too 🙂

    • Linda I am so ridiculously impressed with the post and the list. I can completely understand the temptation, I once dated a guy who looked like John Taylor from Duran Duran, I just couldn’t break up with him, because he looked like John Taylor! Luckily I do not like chips, cause I’d be screwed. AND for all of you reading these comments. GO TO HER BLOG, seriously, now.

  7. What a fun idea! Only once was I ever the breaker-upper…and I think I cried more than the guy I was breaking up with! Looking back, I clearly wasted a lot of time and tears on useless relationships. As far as a breakup playlist I’d have to vote for Phil Collins – Against All Odds. What about “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You”? That might be more what a guy would be thinking though!

    • I love Heart, not for their music as much as the fact that they are two women who are INCREDIBLE musicians! Amazing, they made it into a male dominated rock n’roll world. Good choices, both of them!

  8. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Love this link-up. You picked a great selection of “break-up gently” songs!!! 🙂

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