Our First Tinker Crate Adventure in Pictures

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This is what came in the box.

(Also a magazine with more fun ideas and information which isn’t shown.)


And this is how it began.



Then the dog happened. He was both happy and mad that he had our string wrapped around his ear. Sorry Roscoe, this is not decorative doggy day.




Of course then we needed a Tinker Crate selfie.




Now we’re going! Carefully sewing, getting that knot just right.



And then this happened. Apparently Johnson Willingham’s ship was being attacked.



Which, of course, led to this.

Because we just got a new Amazon Fire Stick, and Alexa is so much fun.

For the Wreck of the Edmund backstory click here.



Back on track.


And after only TWO HOURS we have a biomechanical hand!







Tinker Crate was one of the most fun things we’ve done this year. We actually spent time together, without trying to kill each other. He also could do everything himself, which was AMAZING.

As a homeschooling mom, I don’t always have the supplies to do something really exciting, what I love about Tinker Crate is that they supply everything you need (except the scissors). And even add some fun extras in!

And just so you know, Tinker Crate (kiwicrate) did not ask me to write this post. We were having so much fun I wanted to share it with all of you!! Of course I do get a referral if you decide you want to check them out, and that would be most welcome! Just click here.


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